The best MMORPG games for Android part 2

Top best MMORPG games for Android 2017

 best MMORPG games for AndroidHeroes of Incredible Tales Review.

We’ll start this top best MMORPG games for Android part 2 with something soft; a game that even though it is well known and has millions of downloads to its credit, isn’t the most popular of this top. However, it is a great game. With a 4.4 score that quickly makes it a way into the Android game fans community.

What has caused the rapid rise of this game as one of the best MMORPG for Android are actually several factors. First, spectacular graphics, and the second, a few simple controls that can allow combinations to unlock very powerful combos. You should keep in mind that, compared to others, it has relatively high hardware requirements.

Heroes of Incredible Tales review

Legion of Heroes for androidLegion of Heroes Review.

This second placed in this top best MMORPG games for Android is for Legion of Heroes, a game that has made a terrific impression and earned quite a few players. It has more than 5 million downloads to its credit; this Korean MMORPG became a total hit!

A title with a great, undiscovered, 3D world where we can arm ourselves with a multitude of characters and companionship to move forward and give a very interesting dynamism to the title. Swords, shots, arrows and multitudes of spells are available.

Our mission? Creating an elite group of fighters to be our forces to take down our enemies, from up to 100 heroes. You can play against other players in games of up to 45 vs 45. It’s hard to get bored with this title! It has some of the most exciting PvP battles of any online game, massive GVG fights and so; a bit of everything. Legion of Heroes is available for free on the Play Store for Android.

Legion of Heroes review

Albion Online for androidAlbion Online for Android Review.

We are now moving forward to what will definitely be one of the best MMORPG games for Android; it is even nowadays one of the best sandbox for Android. The game was originally intended for PCs, but was optimized for Androids. It’s a cross platform software, and it’s actually a game for hardcore gamers! The game is new, and is in its Open Beta phase. However, we recommend it with our eyes closed.

This time you’d find a more hardcore-style online game. Players are directly and strongly involved in the development of the game’s economy, building houses and incredible PvP battles. Crafting will be very important, as well as the strategy when improving your character.

The only downside is, because it was initially a PC game, like a Wow, you need to disburse maybe a little more money than the advisable. The cheapest pack is $ 29.95, but it is definitely a choice to consider.

albion for android review

Download Albion Online for Android

AdventureQuest 3D for androidAdventureQuest 3D Android Review.

We are now moving on to one od the newest MMORPGs for Android. Alongside Albion Online, this one is in Open Beta phase. Like Albion, AdventureQuest also has the option to be cross-platform; actually, you’ll find it available on Steam.

It has major features of any RPG online, although you may still find a few bugs here and there. Truth be told, it boasts great things in their favor. So, it doesn’t seem that bad to try a 3D game that will surely give a lot to talk about.

To download it, you only have to go to the Google Play. And despite it does contain in-app purchases, it won’t be necessary to get the full version in order to enjoy it completely.

AdventureQuest 3D review

Avabel Online for androidAvabel Online Review.

To complete this top best MMORPG games for Android, we’ll go with a classic that has more than 50 million downloads. One of the most popular MMORPG for Android: Avabel Online. It is a classic of this genre, without much more than a good gameplay in real time; which is still great, though.

A more classic cut in its graphics and close to the J-RPG aesthetics, but with real-time battles. Avabel certainly doesn’t have remarkable graphics, but it makes up for that with its tons of content, and the possibility of battles between players (PVP). These battles happen all the time, with all kinds of characters at the same time.

The Avabel wars are exciting, since their community is one of the largest among MMORPG in Android. The game is completely free but contains in-app purchases.
Avabel Online review



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