Best Minecraft like games for Android

Minecraft has been able to create a whole new game genre, and since its arrival to mobile devices with Minecraft Pocket Edition, we’ve been able to enjoy the grandiose gameplay, all the games modes and that particular visual styles that characterizes it. A game developed by one developer only, Notch, and which will leave a mark in the history of modern gaming industry

Now we have Minecraft Pocket Edition, which has lots of content and new things; but the more we get, the more we want. That’s why we have made this top. So that every lover of the Mojang world phenomenon can find good alternatives. So, here you go:


Top Best Minecraft like games for Android 2017

Blocky City Wars + skins export for androidBlocky City Wars + skins export Review.

With a score of 4,4 out of 5 on the Play Store, Blocky City Wars introduces itself as one of the best games with blocky graphics. At our disposal, a great city in which to fight online against other players from around the world, using all kind of weapons and vehicles. Pretty much like Grand Theft Auto, but blocky.

It’s a pretty fun game that’ll give you hours of fun on its PVP universe with its funny graphics. If you’re both a lover of Minecraft and multiplayer games, then this is a mandatory alternative for your list. That has led us to open this top best Minecraft like games for Android with this one; give it a chance and try it out. You won’t regret it!

Minecraft like games for Android

GunCrafter for androidGunCrafter Review.

On GunCrafter, you can make your own customized weapons to finish with your enemy in this first person shooter game. It has quite the wide user base; there are tons of players, no less than 50 million. There’s a target practice mode, where you cran just practice and fight against other players. There are different achievements and upgrades on GunCrafter for you to improve your creations and become an even better player.

It’s very similar to the aforementioned, but with a rather funny shooter style. However, it does keep the Minecraft essence with the blocky art style and all the crafting.

GunCrafter review

Worldcraft for androidWorldcraft Review.

This is a multiplayer game that lets you explore a universe created with Minecraft-ish looking graphics. Users can even upload maps made by themselves; all you have to do is to manage to keep your character alive.

You can create and explore; creativity has no limits. Besides from that, the game has a private chat and password protection for your account. This is an excellent choice that cannot be missing in a top best Minecraft like games for Android. Because one more alike to Minecraft you can hardly find. A viable alternative to the original game, never as good but surely enough to have fun with.

Worldcraft review

Terraria for androidTerraria Review.

Terraria has an approach to Minecraft’s purest essence, but on a 2D map. This allowed an evolution by itself and make it able to become one of the best Minecraft like games on Android. Ye it has an essence and spirit of its very own; that is how it offers some of the best content there’s still available for Android. Although it’s been a few years now, it was pioneer in attempting to imitate Minecraft, but in its own way. We could even say this is the 2D Minecraft for Android.

You can build, create objects, explore and kill all kinds of monsters. It has a great visual style and nearly infinite possibilities except for the map’s limits. Terraria is undoubtedly one of the best options from this list; or at least, the most original and creative. Here on Reviewdapps, we highly recommend it. The game has a trial version, but once that’s done, you gotta pay. It is definitely worth the pennies it costs.

Terraria review

Survival Craft for androidSurvival Craft Review.

If we were looking for a Minecraft clone, that would be Survival Craft. When the Minecraft mobile version was lacking features the PC or consoles versions did have, SurvivalCraft was the best choice. Back then, it could offer all the best Minecraft as that world that’s randomly generated almost infinitely.

You can collect resources, create your own weapons or tools and get food so you can survive this cubic world. Which can actually get to be a little cruel. Like Minecraft, there are night and day cycles, so prepare your house for the create going after you. You can have a trial version and then pay for the full version. We had previously that WorldCraft was quite similar and good; yeah, it is. But SurvialCraft is even better and more faithful to the original title.

Among the many Minecraft like games for Android, this one definitely stands out and enters the list.

Survival Craft review

Block Fortress reviewBlock Fortress Review.

We could call it the Minecraft based Tower Defense. You can build things, but this is rather limited when compared with the great freedom Minecraft offers. However you view it, it is a tower defense; so you will have to kill all those hordes of enemies coming on their way to your land.

It offers a cooperative multiplayer mode to play with up to 6 other players to protect yourself from the enemies. It is actually pretty fun to play online. That is why we include Black Fortress without thinking twice; one of the best Android games and Minecraft like games for Android you could find to kill a little time.

Block Fortress for android

Block Story for androidBlock Story Review.

The next one is Block Story, a role game in which we’ll have total freedom to travel and build whatever we want. That, while overcoming different missions and fighting fierce enemies. You can upgrade your weapons and equipment, and even create artifacts for invoking powerful dragons and other creatures to fight by your side, which you can also use as a transport.

Block Story has a free version and a paid one. A mandatory alternative for this top best Minecraft like games for Android for all those RPG lovers.

Block Story review



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