Best Microsoft apps for Android

Best Microsoft apps for Android 2017

Microsoft’s has a particular strategy. To release many of its apps for Android even before than for its own operative system; naturally, this has angered many Windows Phone users. But apparently, this doesn’t seem to be too important for the Redmonds, who sincerely believe this is the way to “become someone” in the mobile devices market.
Though currently it’s not at the same level on sales as Samsung or Apple; actually, they are so low that the Windows Phone platform is almost considered extinct. Howevert, Microsoft continues to be a reference in the market and its products and services are a synonymous of quality.
Here on Reviewdapps, we have made a selection of the best Microsoft apps for Android. Our recommendation would be for you to download these really good, useful apps on your Smartphone.

Top Microsoft Apps for Android

Microsoft apps for AndroidOutlook Review

We start with one of the bases of the Internet: e-mail. Outlook is Microsoft’s e-mail service. In the past it was known as Hotmail, and has achieved to be nowadays one of the most used around the world. If it has triumphed is thanks to its great functionality and accessories, which include a timetable and an agenda of very useful contacts. Furthermore, in the app, we can postpone the arrival of e-mails during a certain time just by dragging to the left. This is definitely one of the best Microsoft apps for Android; we must not waste time before getting as soon as we get our new Android. It’s even possibly the best Microsoft apps for Android.


One Drive Review

Now it’s our turn to talk about cloud storage, a technology that won’t stop growing and being more used as each day passes. In this case, Microsoft has managed to create a great service, a direct rival for Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also count on a functionality to open Microsoft Office documents, which is very useful when it comes to controlling your files. If we talk about the available storage and you find it small, remember you can increase the storage space for free.

Office Review

This is the best option to work with files of the popular Microsoft’s Office Suite. It allows, if you are subscribed to the Office 365 web service, to have access, to view and edit those Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint files from almost any place. On each top concerning the best Microsoft apps for Android and in general all Microsoft apps on Android, we must not forget the great Office for Android app, which we all know very well.

Remote Desktop Review

We all have had the curiosity or need to connect our Android device to our PC. Well, with Remote Desktop app by Microsoft, this is already possible. This application allows you to use your Android device as a remote desktop of a PC that has Windows as an operating system, having access to your files through a safe connection. A vital app and of great importance, especially for those developers and programmers who need to connect their Android terminal Android with their Windows device.

Office Lens Review

This surely isn’s one of the best-known, but nonetheless, it is not less useful. Who doesn’t want to have a file scanner with them? Its benefits are many, from saving a PDF file to edit it with other apps. Even if the background is white, it allows us to crop the edges and tweak it as a digital file. Although it is not as popular as many of the apps we mentioned before, in Reviewdapps, we firmly believe that is one of the best Android apps as well as one of the Best Microsoft apps for Android.

Skype Review

This is a service we all also know very well; one of the most popular Android apps by Microsoft that has arrived to stay with us. Maybe a large part of the readers has used Skype once; due to that, it has a well-deserved place in the top best Microsoft apps for Android. For those who don’t know what it is, Skype is a video calling chat service. It’s completely free, intuitive and one of the better designed that exists. Counts on a great number of users on a global level and is the biggest specialized service around the world.



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