The best hockey games for Android

Top best hockey games for Android 2017

best hockey games for AndroidIce Rage Review.

Even though hockey isn’t the most popular sport in the world, it does have plenty of fans in certain regions. To start this top best hockey games for Android, we chose a big fish of the genre; with over 5 million downloads, Ice Rage is one of the most popular hockey Android games.

Ice Rage is a hockey game based on this sport. We’ll have to ice skate trying to dunk the disc in the opposite team’s hockey net, while protecting our hockey nets at the same time; that as the same time you avoid the opponent from scoring more than our team. The most interesting thing about this wonderful game is that it allows to play with a friend in the same computer. In other words, it has a multiplayer mode; that is certainly ideal for those seeking to defeat someone you know in this game. This game has some pretty good 3D graphics, and the sound is very good as well.

Ice Rage review

Glow Hockey 2 for androidGlow Hockey 2 Review.

This title is quite different from the previous one. This one tends more to board games. It’s the classic table hockey you enjoy playing with your friends, with which you can spend hours and hours throwing discs at each other. In this version of the popular board game that hits the Play Store, we’ll still be hours and hours throwing discs from our tablets and mobile devices.

A very fun game. It takes place on a hockey air table. It has a lot of customization options; a wide variety of tables to choose from, as well as the possibility to play against an AI generated player or a real person. If you know someone who also plays this game, you can both play to see who will win from the 2.

Glow Hockey 2 review

Stickman Ice Hockey for androidStickman Ice Hockey Review.

As it is now usual, we have again these classic stick characters on our top best hockey games for Android. Stickman Ice Hockey is another game from the popular Stickman series that already has a delivery for almost all sport genres. As always, they keep their dynamics and how fun they can get to be.

All the hockey fun happens in this game with simple controls and continuous action, in which you can choose your favorite team and climb from level to level, to over several seasons and cups. Or, if you prefer it another way, simply playing fast or classic mode.

Stickman Ice Hockey review


Hockey Showdown for androidHockey Showdown Review.

Hockey Showdown isn’t the typical Hockey game in which you play a team against another team. On this one, you’ll be the only player. You can play against AI, or have much more fun playing online against players from all over the world. You can also participate in online tournaments that make this game community into something fun, worthy of this top best hockey games for Android.

The game features several game modes, ranging from friendlies to leagues or tournaments, for those who like it more long-term. While all parties tend to be similar (except for the ability of the AI), it is always an incentive to feel that you are competing for a title, championship or simply against another user online.

In terms of controls or mechanics when playing, it varies depending on whether you are attacking or defending. The first case uses the accelerometer of the device to slide from left to right along the track and slide your finger up to carry out the launch. In case you’re the keeper, just slide your finger on the screen to move the glove. Simple but effective.

Hockey Showdown review

Puppet Ice Hockey for androidPuppet Ice Hockey: Pond Head Review.

Finally, we’ll mention one of the most famous hockey games. We could say almost with certainty that, in this top best hockey games for Android, it is one of the most fun. It has simple 2D graphics and an even more simple gameplay; however, it is too one of those games designed to get you hooked on instantly. As soon as you try it, you’re completely addicted!

We could easily say that Puppet Ice Hockey: 2016 Cup’s main attraction are its fun cartoonish graphics. Then, its 2D game mode, which is quite different from other Android games in the genre. You have very few options and very few buttons, shots are direct from net to net, and rules are basically… non-existent. You can just focus on scoring. This is necessary to get you hooked as one of the best hockey games for Android.

Puppet Ice Hockey review



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