Best GPS apps for Android

Best GPS apps for Android 2017.

Since the emergence of the Smartphone market, GPS devices as we used to know them before, have been disappearing. Many of these manufacturing companies have had to modernize their products or simply go bankrupt.

Many of the Android tracker apps we see nowadays are created by these same companies that have given their turnaround to the modern world. GPS apps are now more efficient because of the constantly receive feedback; but there are many of these in the Play Store now. That’s why on Reviewdapps, we have created this top with the best GPS apps for Android of all time.

Best GPS apps for AndroidGoogle Maps Review.

Little can be said about this app, the most widely used in regards to maps and navigation. With Google Maps, you can choose where to go for the app to guide you as a GPS Navigator. It is quite reliable in what comes to reaching the final destination. If you make a sporadic use of these navigation systems, it is the most recommended, mostly because of its simplicity and frequent updates. Google Maps for Android is the biggest benchmark when it comes to GPS apps for Android; this is definitely the most popular Tracker for Android and one of the best GPS apps for Android.

Top Best GPS apps for Android 2017

Waze for androidWaze Review.

Social aspect-focused, Waze is an app that nourishes from all the comments and tips of its users; this way, it lets us know an estimate of the time of arrival for your destination, which is fed by the traffic on your route, accidents, weather and other circumstances that may be at the time. In addition, it learns your frequent destinations, your hours of transfer and favorite routes; it also has aditional features. Like how to share your traject with a friend, for example.

In this way, if someone is waiting for you, they can see where you are and how long you will take; besides from that, they’ll receive a notification if the traffic jam or something else is delaying you.  Waze is also available for iOS and Windows Phone. Waze is a Tracking app for Android we recommend with our eyes closed on Reviewdapps. Therefore, it enters the top of best GPS apps for Android.

Waze app review

CoPilot Review.

CoPilot has more than 14 million users around the world. The GPS Navigator gives a seven days free trial of their turn by turn navigation system; it learns your favorite routes to go back and forth from you house to your wor place and viceversa, checking at each time how’s the traffic for those planned displacements. That, as well as speed limits and SpeedCAM warnings. It doesn’t need an Internet connection and its price is just little more than $20. After the trial period, we can only see the map, use its route planner and use the pedestrian mode.

CoPilot review

Navit Review.

Navit is an open source, completely free GPS Navigator. It can be used without an Internet connection and browse offline, since it is possible to download the maps. Updates and construction notices are uploaded based on contributions by users.

Maps are designed in 3D and include all the information on interesting spots. It works like any other browser, but being an open source software, it adds a very interesting thing, since you can constantly receive modifications by others users themselves.

Navit review

OsmAnd Review.

OsmAnd is, in our opinion, the most complete app to cover various needs. It works offline, so you can prepare a trip by downloading maps of the whole city you’re visiting and bring them with you. These data are taken from OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia, so they are open and editable data for the public; for this reason, they are very rich and accurate. Maps also include roadways, paths and cycling infrastucture, in case you are interested in outdoor activities. Because of all of this and much more, OsmAnd is very valuable to this best GPS apps for Android top.

OsmAnd review

Here WeGo for androidHere WeGo Review.

Formerly known as Here Maps (and originally created by Nokia), now called HERE WeGo, is an excellent option. Besides from offering maps, it also can offer a navigation system. It is an all-in-one that works both when driving or walking. Even when you are using public transport, and it will include a summary of the cost of your trip. Truth be told, it works greatly and routes tend to be quite successful. But on Reviewdapps we want to give Here WeGo a special shoutout because it offers altogether all other GPS apps do. The difference is it does offer all of these incredible features for free.

HERE WeGo is the best GPS app for Android and the best free GPS for Android, it won’t cost you a penny and it works wonders. Besides from letting us save a significant amount of money, it will help us a lot.

Here WeGo review

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