The best games like Minecraft for Android

Top best games like Minecraft for Android.

best games like Minecraft for AndroidRoblox Review.

This one was recently updated and is available for free. It outlines the possibility of creating almost any type of game based on their mechanics. As an extra, you can explore other modes created by other players; like roleplay or FPS, among others. A real “box of surprises”. Possibly the best of this top best games like Minecraft for Android.

Roblox is another game mainly focused on creation. Although not only of buildings, but also of games you can play with your friends, because it allows you to choose a series of events and rules. It has many young followers from around the around the world; however, this is the most popular between youngsters, so it’s considered a game for children and teenagers.

One of the advantages of Roblox is that you can find it many platforms. Then, you’ll be able to play on your PC, your phone or your tablet.

Roblox for Android has a huge community of players, with over 50 million downloads and an excellent 4.4 score. Definitely, one of the best games in the Android community.

roblox for android review

monstercrafter for androidMonster Crafter Review.

As you can guess by its name, this game let us make monsters (kind of) in the same way we would with a game we mentioned before in a previous top, GunCrafter. First, we play and try to build different shapes and then tried to make them fight to see if they are resistant and have enough attack power to become the best. Fun and, overall, different to Minecraft’s development.

When playing MonsterCrafter, you’ll notice you can create your own monsters just the way you want; if there’s a monster that haunted you as a child, you can now make it. Exactly the way you remember them, you can make them. That, thanks to the many customization tools that will make possible the creation of these monsters. An extra touch is uniqueness of each monster. Every other monster you fight is created by another player, so, you won’t get to see a monster exactly the same as yours.

A pretty fun game you will all love. It’s completely free and boasts more than 10 million downloads. An ideal candidate for this top best games like Minecraft for Android.

MonsterCrafter review

The Blockhead for androidThe Blockhead Review.

This game allows us to explore, although in 2D, a vast world filled with elements, changing environments and random landscapes. Not only will we be able to build things, but also, we’ll also be responsible for watching out for our character’s needs, adding a touch similar to the popular “The Sims”.

The world in which your story develops is very large and offers from mountains to deserts. You can be sure you’ll have plenty of things to do and places to go. In addition, creation options are really big and, therefore, ideal for users who like this type of game (sandbox for Android).

It has to its credit more than 10 million of downloads, and a respectable score of 4.2; which is pretty much, considering the amount of reviews it has out there. If you’re a fan of Android games, Minecraft, and The Sims, this would be a good choice to evaluate. With its big community, it’s some of the best games like Minecraft for Android.

The Blockhead review

Pixel Gun 3D for androidPixel Gun 3D Review.

We can define Pixel Gun 3D as a first-person shooter, set in a world similar to Minecraft. Come on, there are blocks everywhere. Pixel Gun has plenty of content; it has three different game modes for you to play alone or in company. You have access to a multitude of different maps, a lot of different weapons, and highly customizable features for your character.

It’s like the perfect mixture between Counter Strike and Minecraft, providing hours and hours of fun. We even can we notice many of the scenarios from Counter represented in these funny pixels. A game that’s worth a try. Remember It has different game modes: Deathmatch, Survival, Zombie, among many others; there will be plenty to play!

It’s free but contains in-app purchases, and is compatible with Android 3.0 or higher. Pixel Gun 3D is the perfect game to complete this top best games like Minecraft for Android. It has incredibly large fame and more than 50 million downloads in the Play Store; it’s currently one of the most popular games, enjoying a 4.5 score in Google’s app market.

Pixel Gun 3D review



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