The best games like Clash Of Clans

Top best games like Clash Of Clans 2017

Supercell’s hit, Clash of Clans, ended up becoming a milestone of the gaming industry. When it first came out, it caused such stir, it was everywhere. We can only imagine Supercell’s surprise with the popularity their game had gained. Now, any gamer, from casual players to the harder ones, know this name; Clash of Clans has become a reference, even for its genre. We could even say it’s one of the most popular city-building games to come out recently, if not the most popular already.

What we do know is that, everyone seems to like it. The premise is very simple, yet the game is deep enough to get you hooked up; its elements are pretty balanced, so everyone can enjoy them.

Pretty much anyone knows what’s the game about, but in case you’ve lived under a rock for the past few years, we’ll tell you. In Clash of Clash, you’re tasked with building a kingdom. You actually can take part in lots of missions, from the multiplayer mode to single-player campaigns. Since it is a city-builder, you have to gather resources to improve your buildings and make stronger soldiers. These soldiers you’ll user due to the game’s combat system; they will defend your kingdom from enemy attacks, and you’ll also be able to send them into combat to enemy territory.

Clash of Clans is very complete, but as it is still a city-builder, there are times when you’ll have to wait for an upgrade to be completed, or actions of this sort. In the meantime, why not try other games like Clash of Clans? If you’re into city-builders, then why not give others a chance?

If you liked Clash of Clans, then you’ll probably like these, too. So, here’s a list of the best games like Clash of Clans.

best games like clash of clansCastle Clash: Brave Squads Review.

Boasting over 50 million downloads, this free-to-play game gets this first place as one of the best games like Clash of Clans. The premise is pretty much the same as CoC, but this one keeps the fantasy strategy elements strong and present.

Once more, you’re tasked with building a kingdom and fighting for it. Build the village, defend it, and take the opponents. Improve your buildings and heroes; these are very important, because they will battle the opponent’s heroes.

From the whole pack of games like Clash of Clans, this is the one that stands out the most. If you liked CoC, and happen to like fantasy as well, this might be your cup of tea. You can download Castle Clash for Android for free from the Play Store; if you want to give it a try, you can click on this link.

Castle Clash Brave Squads review

Star Wars: Commander Review.

As you would have guessed already, this one is set in the Star Wars universe. If you’re a fan of the saga, then you might as well give this a try. Star Wars Commander was developed by Disney Interactive, and it’s one great game.

This isn’t exactly a clone of CoC, but it’s certainly some of the best games like Clash of Clans. You can choose whether to fight for the Rebellion forces or the Empire; independently of what faction you choose, you’ll get to train your troops and sent them to exploration mission. Of course, you’ll be in charge as well of taking down the enemy group.

Star Wars: Commander will impress a few fans of the saga. If you’re one of them (or not) and want to download it, you can get Star Wars: Commander for Android for free on the Play Store. Give it a shot; after all, it’s one of the best games like Clash of Clans.

Star Wars Commander review

Call of Duty Heroes for androidCall of Duty: Heroes Review.

Like both the FPS famous saga and strategy base building games? You might like this.

Call of Duty: Heroes is sort of a Clash of Clans with a more realistic, military feel to it. It’s a completely new way to experience the CoD franchise, yet still manages to keep the saga’s essence perfectly; even though it moves away from the FPS experience and into a different genre.

Same as with the others in this list, you’ll be building your base. Upgrade your outpost and military forces to take the enemy; there will also be the Heroes, beloved characters from the Call of Duty saga, like Prince, and Soap.

In this game that moves the CoD we already know to a large-scale strategy role, we get three game modes. Campaign, PvP, and Survival Mode. Play against an AI generated bases in the single-player campaigns, against other players in real time in the PvP mode, and win lots of prizes in the quick, wave-based missions in the Survival Mode.

This one definitely breaks the mold, but ends up being one of the best games like Clash of Clans. You can get it for free on the Play Store for your Android device. Just watch out the in-app purchases!

Call of Duty Heroes review

Boom Beach for androidBoom Beach Review.

Boom Beach could be called Clash of Clan’s sibling, since it is also developed by Supercell. Then, naturally, it’s pretty similar to its predecessor. Therefore, one of the best games like Clash of Clans there are in the market.

. While Clash of Clans is set in a more medieval style Norse kingdom, Boom Beach takes place on a tropical island with tiny soldiers. Some players enjoy it more than Clash of Clans because of its shorter build times. In Boom Beach, players will never wait weeks like they would with major, late game upgrades in Clash of Clans.

There are also no walls in Boom Beach, a feature some find incredibly annoying in Clash of Clans. This makes Boom Beach’s base management much more enjoyable, without decreasing its importance. In Boom Beach, the key objectives are building up your base, keeping it safe from bad guys, and arming your forces to take on enemies.

Boom Beach is available on Android and iOS devices.

Boom Beach review

Jungle Heat for androidJungle Heat Review.

Jungle Heat: Weapon of Revenge is another Clash of Clans clone that likes to focus more on the heroes. There are several of them and each one has its own abilities. Otherwise, it’s a pretty familiar style of game. You build a base, upgrade defenses, and attack other players. It does have the advantage of being playable on computers via Facebook. It also has Windows Phone support. Jungle Heat also includes tournaments which helps keep players engaged. Recent updates have been a little harsh for long time players. However, we imagine they’ll get that straightened out sooner or later.

Jungle Heat review



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