Best Free Movies Apps for Android

Top Best Free Movies Apps for Android 2017.

Crackle is the undisputed Best Free Movies Apps for Android; there’s a reason for over 30 million users to confirm this and recommend the app. It even surpasses many of the other Android apps to watch movies.
Crackle offers new special content every month and doesn’t need subscriptions nor charges. With it, you’ll be able to watch excellent films such Red, Underworld, and Hurt Locker; even TV shows like Anger Management.
You can choose your favorites to watch them later on the app or online on Video materials are high quality and can be watched via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, although the app does have a great constraint; the app works only in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil and Latin America.

Top Best Free Movies Apps for AndroidShowBox.

This app is one of the most complete we have found and reviewed on Reviewdapps. It allows users to watch new or classic movies, series; allows to integrate subtitles, for those who enjoy their content in another language. It also allows you to see the content’s IMDB scores, and incorporates a lot of extra features.
Imagine a streaming app as complete as Netflix, but now make that app free and you get this. ShowBox, an app capable standing up against bigger services like Netflix.

Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time is one of the most popular free movies app; many of the major producers hate it and it doesn’t come as a surprise. Since its release, it gave users millions of possibilities to access to a huge catalogue of completely free movies. The best of part: no advertising. A good way to watch movies online for free on Android.

This app disappeared for a time due to legal issues, since it is based on the torrent Protocol for streaming movies (quite clever, indeed), but which makes film makers focus on taking down the app by any means.
Besides from being free, which is by itself a lot, it gives users the possibility to watch movies in different qualities, coming to have movies on a Full-HD quality. No advertisement integrated.
It’s fast.
• Does not have external links.
• The catalog is updated constantly.
• Allows you to download films and series to your phone or tablet to see without connection.

Play Movie.

Google also wants to have its place on the niche by streaming and Play Movies is their bet. The downside of this option is that it does not offer the possibility of subscribing and all its content is pay-per-view, allowing the rental and the purchase of digital films by prices that, in general, are rather high, considering the alternatives.
Its catalogue is primarily reduced to films; most are available only in a dubbed version. Of course, the app is perfectly compatible with Chromecast and has the advantage of being pre-installed in most Android devices.
The main advantage about Movie Play by Google is that its server, as we would expect from any Google service, is fairly stable. Therefore, it has its place on the top of Best Free Movies Apps For Android. It’s a respectable free streaming app you should definitely try if you have the money.

Amazon Prime Video.

Prime Video is Amazon’s service for watching TV series and movies. Since December 14th, 2016, it started being free for all those Premium users of the Amazon platform.
Prime video can download series and movies to watch them offline; it’s compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, Fire tablets and also has an app for Smart TVs for LG and Samsung. You can also watch movies and TV shows directly from the Prime Video website.
Besides from a good, vast catalogue of new movies, you can watch series as the amazing, award-winning, Mozart in the Jungle; or also Transparent, the winner of a Golden Globe, an Emmy and a BAFTA. All series and movies on Prime Video you’ll be able to watch dubbed or with subtitles for the available languages.
It has several promotions within it, many are paid but with a quite low price, just $3. Considering everything Amazon makes, quality is the ruler on the app, which also has a large catalog. We can’t say it is entirely free, but if you have a Prime account, then it will be; we’ll recommend it with our eyes closed on this top of the Best Free Movies Apps for Android.


Being the best movie streaming site, it has mobile apps for smartphones and smart TVs. You can watch films, TV showss or any content in general you can find on the website without even having an account. Also, it’s totally free; you can watch all movies and shows from its catalog via streaming.
One of the oldest services on the Internet for streaming watch for free. With a large catalog that doesn’t precisely reign over most renowned shows of the moment but many other lesser-known options you won’t really get to see somewhere else. In addition to having a bunch (tons) of anime in their catalog.



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