The Best FPS games for Android

Top best FPS games for Android 2017

N.O.V.A 3 for androidN.O.V.A 3 Review.

We have chosen one of the best FPS games for Android, as well as one of the most original we can find among all Android games.

Gameloft is the genius company after this jewel of FPS online games for Android. It’s based on a futuristic universe where we have to defend ourselves from an alien race seeking to destroy us: the Volterite. With impeccable graphics, one of the best for our mobile devices, level after level, things are gonna get trickier; as we advance, things will get harder for us and armed fights against these aliens will make us increasingly more nervous.

In this new installment, the famous video game developer Gameloft brings some novelties, as the fact that we now can share vehicles with allies. The story is sublime and simply hooking; multiplayer mode is not the best, but it is worth a try. The Reviewdapps teams recommend it and we encourage you to get the game. After all, it is free!.

N.O.V.A 3 review

Modern Combat 5 for androidModern Combat 5: Blackout.

Now we’ll talk about another classic saga that has been giving us the best of first person shooter for Android for a while now, too. That is the Modern Combat 5. Other of the games developed by the already well-known and previously mentioned Gameloft.

This game’s graphics are just good; playability, one of the best we can find among Android games when speaking of FPS. However, we do believe that the most outstanding about this game is the successfully accomplished multiplayer mode.

This plunges us into a world where anarchy reigns and we must restore order. This Modern Combat 5 allows us to talk with other players via chat and even fight with other platoons. The game is free but does contain in-game advertising.

Modern Combat 5 review

Citical Ops for androidCitical Ops Review.

Now it’s turn for one of the newest of the Best First Person Shooter for Android. Being relatively new, it has already come a long way into the market and has come to stay, consolidated in this top Best FPS games for Android.

The game has been out approximately 2 years and the FPS loving community has already considered it as Android’s Counter Strike, since it is based on the aforementioned. We have 2 sides, terrorists and police officers, the typical bomb activating and deactivating, among other games modes such as the Deathmatch.

Speaking a bit about the technical part: graphically, it’s not the best we’ll see on the Play Store, but that’s not a real problem. Playability and gameplay are pretty good and entertaining. Storyline, well, it basically doesn’t have one, because it is based on a multiplayer mode. Pretty much like Counter Strike.

Citical Ops review

dead trigger 2 for androidDead Trigger 2 Review.

We know many readers had been waiting for this game. Because over time, it has become so famous it has even become a classic of shooters for Android. One of the most popular FPS for Android of all time.

It is a game with a vast user base of more than 50 million players worldwide. In this title, we’ll be part of the resistance against a zombie threat. This resistance’s fate will be directly related with what players around the world do during missions; these missions will be regularly updated. This makes the game quite interesting and interactive.

Such has been the fame and stir around Dead Trigger 2 it even features official tournaments, in which the prizes are real; these can even be real money. Quite the phenomenon what this revolutionary shooter for Android has achieved. It is completely free, but contains in-app purchases that could help you. It was a mandatory mention for this top best FPS games for Android.

dead trigger 2 review

Brother in Arms 3 for androidBrother in Arms 3 Review.

To conclude this top best FPS games for Android, we have included what we think is one of the best Android games to come out in recent times, because of its very elaborate, sublime story mode. Unlike others we see at the top, this game shines for its story and its technical section rather than other things; regardless, both controls and graphics are the best.

Brother in Arms 3 is set during WWII, specifically, during the Battle of Normandy. Most missions will take place outdoors, and we’ll be able to enjoy jaw-dropping landscapes. Every detail is meticulously taken care for, so the graphics in this game will definitely not let you down. With it, you have guaranteed a very good experience.

The game is very complete. We have a shop, where you can buy and upgrade weapons, as well as grenades, special weapons and others. Game modes are distributed in each chapter and not only will you have to complete the campaign to move on to the next one, but also will you have to complete some secondary missions.

You will have a live chat and you’ll get to talk to other people online. The good thing about this is that it is classified by country, so we can only get messages from the country where we are. There are achievements, daily events, VIP accounts and more.

The downside, and what many users have criticized about, is the multiplayer mode. Which isn’t exactly the best, but it isn’t awful either. Its 4.5 score makes that clear enough and got Bother in Arms 3 in this top.

Brother in Arms 3 review

First-person shooters have always been one of the most popular, most attractive game modes for users, because of the fun and the addictive factor they contain. Android devices have had a hard time stablishing as consoles because of how difficult touch controls can be sometimes; however, with time, developers have learned how to face this, and make instead the best Android games.

This list of best FPS games for Android collects these, which rather than weakness, have shown strength, and that have come to stay. As always, these are just a few of the most prominent. Leave your suggestions down below in the comments so that the community can try them out and learn good options.



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