The best FPS games for Android Part 2

Top best FPS games for Android Part 2 2017

best FPS games for AndroidShadowgun Deadzone Review.

In Shadowgun Deadzone, you can play deathmatches and zone control. These two modes will take place through a variety of aps; we can choose between 10 different characters to show our personality to the world. In addition, there are dozens of items to collect as the classic first aid kit, ammo, grenades, sniper guns and even mines.

The graphics are simply sublime; controls, outstanding; this is possibly one of the best among Android games. In addition, as it is an online FPS game for Android, it’s focused on the multiplayer mode. Needless to say, it’s been taken good care of, with great features such as voice chat in real time with other players.

A game that deserves the honor to open this top best FPS games for Android part 2.

Shadowgun Deadzone review

Dead Effect 2 for androidDead Effect 2 Review.

Leave this one outside the top best FPS games for Android would be an unforgivable error; Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi shooter and one of the Android games with the best graphics. Seriously, they are amazing. The solitary campaign lasts an average of 20 hours, lets you try lots of weapons and some role elements that will allow us to improve our character. If you like FPSs, you should definitely try this game.

This game has console versions, but the Android version doesn’t really stay behind. This is a great game that’s taken the FPS genre for Android to a whole new level. Unlike the rest, which focus on the multiplayer mode, Dead Effect 2 does its solid campaign and also offers small RPG elements it introduces to us.

dead effect 2 review

Deer Hunter 2017 for androidDeer Hunter 2017 Review.

Now, we are in front of a different proposal. We turn away a little bit from science fiction and war conflicts to enter a hunting simulator. Just the way it sounds: a simulator in which you will be able to hunt different animals, and it’s the best game in its genre. If not, definitely one of the best FPS games for Android.

Among its arguments, we have some insanely good graphics and a wide variety of scenarios that will help you avoid getting bored from always seeing the same. If you think your hunting mission is too simple, you also have predators hanging around, waiting to become part of the food chain. The game mechanics are extremely simple, even if you’re new to this shooters thing.

deer hunter 2017 review

Kill Shot Bravo for androidKill Shot Bravo Review.

From this list, it is possibly the most recent game to come out for Android. A very tidy, well-worked title. Its 4.4 score and the excellent reception it had, placed it as one of the best.

This is another newcomer with many cards on the table. It has no less than 500 solitary missions and tons of different scenarios to contemplate, to offer something different every time. Basically, you’ll be facing anything that comes in your way and that works as a target with your sniper rifle; bad guys, drones, thefts, androids, and much more.

Its multiplayer mode is equally varied and that includes sniper duels, alliances, and character customization.

Kill Shot Bravo review

Blitz Brigade for androidBlitz Brigade Review.

The developer Gameloft is responsible for one of the games that can never be missing from any list; we’re talking about Blitz Brigade, an excellent FPS for Android that will give us hours and hours of fun. A game worth the honor to close this top best FPS games for Android part 2.

You’ll be involved in a great war within this game of warlike features that promises lots of action and little to no boredom at all. It’s based on World War II, although it isn’t that related to it, as it is quite cartoony and fun.

Gameplay is simply amazing; if you ever played great titles like Team Fortress, Battlefield Heroes or the new Overwatch, we could say you would like it. Mostly because it’s some sort of version of these, but for Android.

It has over 40 missions and a selection of different characters, each one of them with their own special wink of humor and even a unique power to which we have to adapt ourselves in order to use in combats.

Blitz Brigade is completely free, but is also ad-supported and does contain in-app purchases.

Blitz Brigade review

This is the second part of the best FPS games for Android. If you want to see the first part, you can click over here, on this link; you’ll see other great games for you to try, too.

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