The best food delivery apps for Android

Top best food delivery apps for Android this 2017.

Seamless for androidbest food delivery apps for Android.

From this top best food delivery apps for Android, Seamless is the most aptly named of all. It provides users with thousands of restaurants; not only that, it also offers special in-app discounts. Besides from that, it lacks a delivery fee. Quick and easy, Seamless lets you order your meal without a single problem. No wonder why it is New York’s favorite food delivery app!

With this sophisticated mobile software, order your next meal with barely a few clicks! Or taps, actually. You can choose either to go pick it up yourself, or have it delivered to your door; in any case, you won’t get charged any extra fee, as we already said.

Some other feature that’s just extremely useful is the one that lets you save your favorite restaurant for you to have easy access later on. You can save your address as well so you don’t have to type it more than once; you can also save your payment information, to save even more time. Other than the classic payment methods, Seamless offers modern payment systems, like PayPal and Apple Pay.

Because it is so efficient, we thought Seamless deserved a place in this top best food delivery app for Android.

Seamless app review

GrubHub for androidGrubHub Review.

If you’re not sure what you want to have for dinner, then GrubHub is the perfect app for you. Since it is some of the best takeout apps, we had to add it on this top best food delivery app for Android.

Available for all mobile operative systems, it isn’t strange that GrubHub is so popular. Especially considering its large repertoire of partnering restaurants available in over 1000 cities in the U.S. All you have to do is enter your location and the app will show you a list of restaurants in your area; then, you can search by cuisine, or by specific item, if you crave one thing in specific. In case you have no idea what you want, you’ll have lots of options to check out. Pizza, Chinese, Mexican. Almost anything you can think of.

GrubHub breaks all the options down for you to choose your next meal as easily as possible. To speed up the whole process, it also lets you save delivery locations and payment methods. In many aspects, GrubHub is a lot like Seamless, expect it has availability in a lot more cities. Thanks to it, if you’re in the U.S., you’ll have nothing to envy New Yorkers.

GrubHub review

DoorDash for androidDoorDash Review.

This app’s simple user interface has made ordering food easier than never before. Stress-free and quick, that’s how things are with DoorDash.

Like with most of the apps on this top best food delivery apps for Android, DoorDash lets you order you next meal in a few quick steps; it lets you search for a specific item (if you have a craving, this is a great feature) or just look through the list of partnering restaurants in your area.

Something a lot of you will appreciate is that it also lets you know how long each place takes to make a delivery. So, if you’re starving, you’ll know what to avoid. In case you have not decided yet, then you can search for options on the homepage instead of wandering around the rest of the app. If you end up liking something, you can order it again by checking out your order history. That’s a nice touch.

DoorDash might not be unique, or special at all, but it does ease things for users. Because of its simplicity, it has become so popular; that’s why it has a place in this top best food delivery apps for Android.

DoorDash review

Eat24 for androidEat24 Review.

This one simply had to be in this top best food delivery apps for Android. It must be added.

Available in over 1500 cities, Eat24 is probably the most popular app in the market. Since it is so customizable and “personal”, some people prefer this one over others. Not only does it offer lots of options to choose from, but also offers coupons on a regular basis; Eat24 will help your place your order and save a little money at the same time.

While searching for restaurants, you’ll have a few filters to help you find the perfect place to order from. Or you can browse in the “What’s Good” section. Whatever you do, once you find something that caught your attention, you can check out the customer reviews, photos and menus. If you liked the place you ordered from, you can save it as a favorite to get easy access later on.

To speed up the process, you can directly scan your credit card with your phone to save your payment information. However, you can still use other methods like PayPal and Apple Pay. If you end up needing help, you can always count on the 24 Hour Live Chat and order status support.

Eat24 review

UberEATS for androidUberEATS Review.

Loving both Uber’s concept and food should make you more likely to like the next app. Uber itself is a very original, kind-of-revolutionary thing, so, UberEATS is a charming alternative; thanks to its uniqueness, this app easily earned its place in this top best food delivery apps for Android.

Here’s the only downside to this app; we’re telling you now so you won’t get disappointed at the end. This service only works in some U.S cities, and multiple ones in Mexico, Canada and Australia. In some countries in Europe and Asia, too. So, go check out if your city is in the list before getting excited.

In case you belong to the lucky ones, then that’s good news. UberEATS work with a bunch of different restaurants, over hundreds of them; you can now place an order as easily as it was asking for a taxi. You can pick something from the Delivery menu really quick, or you can go to the Uber network; if you want something specific, you’ll probably have to choose the latter. However, that’s not a real issue since the process will still be fast.

Once you place the order you’ll see the total – that includes the food and the delivery fee. Then, you’ll proceed to pay through your previously existing Uber account.

UberEATS review

Deliveroo for androidDeliveroo Review.

Most users who aren’t from the U.S. might feel a little left behind or forgotten by the food delivery software industry. From the most popular apps this kind, there are very little that can actually work for anyone outside of America; for those who live in Europe, who might have to turn to less know apps, you have Deliveroo. Since you guys are important as well, we’re adding this app to the top best food delivery apps for Android.

Ireland, Germany, France, the UK and many other counties will have available Deliveroo’s service for them.

Well-designed and user-friendly, Deliveroo lets European citizens order their next meals and have it delivered to their door. Although the service doesn’t cover every city in the aforementioned service, those who can actually user Deliveroo will have an average time wait of 32 minutes; that’s not too bad. So, if you’re in Europe, definitely check this app out.

Deliveroo review



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