Best Fitness Apps for Android

Must-Have Fitness and Workout apps for Android 2017

Keys for a healthy life are a well-balanced diet and regular workouts. But quite often, our day-to-day hectic lifestyle makes us step aside for a while from our body care daily routine; it won’t let us go to the gym as much as we’d like to, and in many cases, even going out for a jog will be difficult. That’s why on Reviewdapps we have made a list with the 10 best fitness apps for Android so you can train in a easier, more organized way; therefore, know how much time you have, and even, with help of some of these, work out from home.

Top Best Fitness Apps for Android.

Google Fit Review.

Google Fit bears the quality seal many of us automatically look for to know whether we are before a good app. This one happens to be a very complete fitness Android app, which allows a thorough monitoring of your activity and provides full access to all the data relating your workouts. With Google Fit on your smartphone, you can set objetives based on the duration or step count and check your progress on a daily basis.

In addition, you can receive objectives recommendations based on your performance. It’s a fitness app more minimalist than the rest of its competitors, since it has been one of the last to join the Play Store. Unlike other apps its kind, it doesn’t contain in-app purchases; which many people will appreciate. The app is completely free and the little options it can offer, it does perform very well. As it would be expected from Google, this app easily earned a place among the Best Fitness Apps for Android.

Best Fitness Apps for Android

Fitnotes Review.

Many fitness apps for Android try to take direct control over your life, through permissions, in order to help you get in shape. FitNotes acts differently to the rest of fitness apps.

It is a free fitness app for Android, ad-free, which contains a large database of numerous exercises to help you properly classify your workouts. We must mention that FitNotes includes a register with which you’ll be able to track your activity; it also offers the option to create routines and personalized exercises. This app is definitely a must-have fitness app for Android devices.

JEFIT Wourkout Trainer Review.

JEFIT aims to be your personal pocket trainer for you to exercise and have a healthier lifestyle. It has an extensive database with up to 1,300 exercises, with descriptions and animations on how to do them. It includes the option to create personalized routines and daily training plans, statistical monitoring and the chance to add friends and interact with the community to increase your motivation. A highly rated app by its user base both on its free and Pro version, of which price is €3.93.

must have fitness apps for android

Endomondo Review.

Endomondo is considered by far the best fitness app for Android. Whether you practice running, cycling, rowing or any other sport, with this app, you’ll be able to track your fitness and performance at any time. Store your routes, record your stats and share your training routine with friends and family.

This app records the duration, distance, speed and calories burned of any outdoors sporting activity. In addition, it also offers audio information on regular intervals. It has two versions: a free one that includes in-app purchases, and another version called Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO, of which price is €4.99. A mandatory mention for Best Fitness Apps for Android.


Nike + Training Club Review.

Create your Nike+ profile, add friends and train whenever you want, wherever you want, and with whomever you want. This app contains a huge number of features that make it really useful to progress in your training. It has more than 100 exercises in video format you can play with Chromecast or a HDMI cable on your TV. Get fit and tone up with Nike + Training Club.

You only need to download the training you want, then, customize them and choose the most suitable exercises for you. The Nike+ Training Club app lets you see all your results and share your training. Get the free app on the Google Play.

NexTrack Review.

NexTrack is an app that will make you lose weight the fun way. This kind of game uses classifications, badges or medals and other rewards whenever you complete an exercise. The key to this app is that it tries to keep you motivated to keep doing different physical activities through what is known as gamification.

An excellent fitness and workout app for Android for lazy people; that’s why it enters this top of the Best Fitness Apps for Android. NexTrack’s approach is very different to the rest of other apps this type. It is free, but does include in-app purchases.


Best Fitness Apps for Android 2017Total Fitness Review.

The large number of exercises with a detailed explanation, supported by videos, images and descriptions, makes Total Fitness a strong candidate to keep a position as the Best Fitness Apps for Android. There are also routines – however, something somewhat disappointing for many is that many of these can be only gotten through a purchase. You can also choose routines to work out both at the gym or home.

Another very interesting part is the nutrition section. As you’ll know by now, to get that godly-sculpted body, it won’t be enough to just hit the gym; although it’s not about starving either, since that’s not healthy. A good diet is the key to achieving this: many experts state that diet is 70% the fitness. The app gives us tips and proposes different diets depending on the target we wanna reach. So, it will propose a diet if you want volume, and another if want definition; it also tells us the calories we should take depending on our age, height and weight.

Last but not least, we have a section for challenges where they mark the workouts we have to complete to achieve a particular weekly goal and extras such as motivational phrases, evolution calculation, fat percentage.



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