Best fighting games for Android

Top Best fighting games for Android 2017

best fighting games for AndroidShadow Fight 2 Review.

With a very minimalist general design, Shadow Fight 2 is another fighting game to (strongly) consider. It may not have realistic graphics, which was obviously never the developers’ intention; the aforementioned actually targets some beautiful graphics and great mechanics, as never seen before on Android.

In addition, you’ll be able to cast spells. Which gives a more interesting twist to this game.

This game, which is a sequel to a Facebook game, is fairly new. It was released by the end of December last year; by now, it has more than 2 million downloads and an average rating of 4.5. This speaks by itself about the game’s quality. You might possibly be already familiar with it, since it is a classic of Android games we cannot help but include. What better option to open with best fighting games for Android top?

top best fighting games for Android

Marvel Contest of Champions for androidMarvel Contest of Champions Review.

We are all familiar with the Marvel Universe since we are young. Now, with its triumphal entry to the movies industry, it is even more renowned. That’s why it couldn’t helpy but include the Marvel fighting game, where you can use your favorite heroes and their superpowers, who will leave us with our mouth wide open more than once.

Well, this game brings us Marvel superheroes with spectacular graphics and iconic locations from the Marvel Universe.

Fight against Kang the Conqueror to defend the universe.

Marvel Contest of Champions for android review

Injustice Gods Among Us Review for androidInjustice: Gods Among Us Review.

However, Marvel superheroes aren’t the only ones we like. In the DC universe, there are superheroes as mythical as Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, who cannot simply be left aside. Precisely because of this, they bring us this game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. A great fighting game that undoubtedly has a place in this top best fighting games for Android and is one of the most popular Android fighting games alongside Shadow Fight.

This is another game that stands out for its graphic power, which certainly won’t leave anyone indifferent. And a pretty complete, powerful gameplay, in which we’ll need even gestures to perform combos in the best way. A jewel of Android gaming already well-known by fans of the consoles sagas.

Injustice Gods Among Us Review

Real Steel World Robot Boxing for androidReal Steel World Robot Boxing Review.

If you are lover of both fighting and robots, Real Steel is what you are looking for. This is a wild fighting game where everything is valid. With robots. Derived from the film of the same name, in this game, you have to face enemies of different natures with your robot. An interesting feature is that you can customize your combat machines to your liking. It’s been on the Google Play for a long time; but longevity is only proof of the success and strength this game has.

You have the possibility to improve your robot before each game in order to confront the increasingly tougher metallic opponents you’ll be facing. Real Steel assures us hours and hours of fun; that’s why recommend it on Reviewdapps. Definitely one of the most interesting Android games around.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing review

Real Boxing 2 for androidReal Boxing 2 Review.

When talking about fighting games, or fighting in general, there is one sport that stands out and that always comes to mind; that is boxing. Among all Android games, and more specifically, fighting games for Android, Real Boxing is the best exponent of boxing, and its second delivery makes that even clearer.

In Real Boxing 2 Creed, we’ll train with the legendary Rocky Balboa to become the best in the world. We’ll also be fighting against great boxing stars and unlocking exclusive items through events, matches, and tournaments on its amazing Race Mode. Of course, it will have a multiplayer mode as well. All with the same simple gameplay than on the first installment.

With incredible graphics, a pretty good storyline in which we grow as boxers and many other qualities, this game enters this list of the best fighting games for Android.

Real Boxing 2 review

Blood and Glory Legends for androidBlood and Glory: Legends Review.

One of the many fighting games that are already a classic of Android gaming is definitely Blood and Glory. If the first part was already a pretty fun game, its sequel, Blood and Glory: Legends, adds very interesting aspects to the game.

The game not only offers impressive fights, but it also presents a story through the Empire; history in which you must eliminate bloodthirsty bosses.

A fight to death against gladiators, no truce, no nothing, where only one can be on their feet when the fight is over, and that has to be you. Some epic and exciting fights perfect to finish this first part of the best fighting games for Android.

Blood and Glory Legends review

These are just some of the proposals we can suggest at Reviewdapps for this first part. What about you? What fighting games for Android have you tried? Which one did you like the best and why? Let us know down below in the comments.



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