The best endless runner games for Android

Top best endless runner games for Android 2017

There are nearly endless types of games on the Google Play; a different genre for different people. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise the number of apps the are in the Play Store. So, of course, there are hundreds of games that could be of your liking for you to try and maybe spend lots of hours with. At least, they’re fun time wasters.

And as time passes by and the list of games you’ve tried grows, you realize you have a “favorite” genre. Endless runners have become very popular lately. Whether it is because of their addicting nature or the fact that thanks to its simple controls, literally anyone can play, they, somehow, have made it to the top of the best. It doesn’t come as a surprise either, though.

We’re pretty sure you’ve played at least one if you own a smartphone. However, you still might not be sure what these are exactly; in case you’re not, they’re games in which your character does not much more than run. You continuously run nonstop, dodging obstacles, until one of these stops you; there’s usually not other objective than to get the highest score to do this. So, yes, it’s pretty much what it states: an endless runner.

Many games this genre have reached the peak of fame on the Google Play, so lots of people have heard about them, at least. And we want to start off this top best endless runner games for Android with some of the best known. Let the top begin!


best endless runner games for AndroidTemple Run Review.

This one is by far one of the best endless runner games for Android; we would say it’s what depicts the very essence of an endless runner. When it came out back in 2011, it was an innovative thing and caused furor! So, obviously, other developers started to imitate its style and then a milestone of the mobile gaming industry was created.

You’ve probably played this before, but we’ll explain anyways what it is about. The story presents you with an explorer, an archaeologist who found secret treasure… and a giant monster, too. The objective would be to run away and avoid from getting caught (and probably eaten) by the creature. This adventure will have running through all kind of traps as you escape, but it’s a lot of fun!

Just because it is a milestone of the genre, we consider this to be one of the best endless runner games for Android. You can download it for free on the Play Store. Good luck running away for your life!

temple run review


Despicable Me for androidDespicable Me Review.

Gameloft developed this one. That’s already a pretty good sign, but that’s not what it makes Minion Rush one of the best endless runner games for Android. This title is starred in by the yellow fellows from Despicable Me; we’re talking about the Minions. It borrows these friendly creatures to make this fantastic endless runner game and shows us once again its great quality!

Despicable Me is, no surprise, like a rip off of Temple Run. Not exactly, though, but it’s an endless runner. In the game, you’ll have a Minion running through different places from the movie, dodging all kinds of obstacles and collecting their favorite fruits. Yeah, bananas. And coins, too.

Download the game for free from the Play Store and reach the highest score!

Despicable Me review

Subway Surfer for androidSubway Surfer Review.

This is another of the greatest classics. Subway Surfers had to be on this top best endless runner games for Android. Once more, you’re being chased down, this time by the police.

You’re a vandal who’s just been spotted by the police, and you have to run away from them! Run on the subway trails, dodge the obstacles, use powerups and at all cost getting caught. Not only is your objective to run away: remember too the score. Subway Surfers has a leaderboard. If you want to see your name on it, you gotta work hard!

Subway Surfers is pretty standard, but still one of the best endless runner games there are. You can get it on the Play Store for free.

Subway Surfer review

Alto’s Adventure for androidAlto’s Adventure Review.

Alto’s Adventure was incredibly popular when it first came out. Once the endless runner by Snowman hit the store, it quickly became famous; once you’ve tried it though, you can understand why people like it so much. It’s a really good game, so it deserves it place on this top best endless runner games for Android.

This, for a change, is a side-scrolling runner. You have to ski down a mountain side to gather all the llamas that have ran away from your farm! In your way, you’ll also be grabbing some coins and doing a few tricks for extra points.

Another of the reason why it recognized as one of the best games that year, is because of the artwork. It is graphically beautiful! The simple aesthetic combines with the simple yet addictive game play, and it all adds together to create one of the most gorgeous, relaxing endless runners. If you haven’t tried it out yet, you can download it for free from the Play Store.

Alto’s Adventure review

Jetpack Joyride for androidJetpack Joyride Review.

This one is not as famous as the others, but still as good. Jetpack Joyride dates too from the very beginning of the reborn of this genre for mobile devices; so, while it’s not as famous as its counterparts, it is yet well known. It would be only fair to add it to the top best endless runner games for Android.

Jetpack Joyride is mostly characterized by action. It is an endless runner, indeed, but more of a casual one. During gameplay, you’ll be controlling Barry, a guy with a jetpack you’ll guide through taps. Get as far as possible and get the best high score! Just be careful: the further you are, the harder things will get.

Try Jetpack Joyride for free on your Android device. You can get it for free!

Jetpack Joyride review


There are many more, but these endless runner games happen to be everyone’s favorite. If you want to check out lesser known alternatives, let us know in the comments and we’ll add them on the best endless runner games for Android part 2!



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