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Best Emulators for Android this 2017

Best Emulators for AndroidJohn Emulators for Android Review

Apps by the developer John Emulators are a number of emulators for some of the most classic Nintendo platforms. In the 90s, the company that undoubtedly dominated the consoles market was Nintendo. It is possible that as time has went by, it has lost its dominant position; but there’s probably no company able to overshadow the Japanese video game company when it comes to classic games.

John Emulators provides emulators for various consoles, among them, the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance and NES. They’re certainly a great option if you want to remember the good, old times. John Emulators are a classic that never get old; you will never have an emulator too many left to try, if you are a lover of the classics. That is why John Emulator enters the top best emulators for Android.

TOP Best Emulators for Android

EPSXe for Android Review

Thanks to the potential of our devices, we can nowadays execute the mythical Play Station through ePSXe emulators; a classic emulator for connoisseurs. Even before smartphones were a thing, ePSXe had already been available for PCs for a while. That is why free Android PS Emulator is a quality seal and is one of the best emulators for Android.

We will find this emulator on the Google Play and it works perfectly, but you have to perform a pre-installation. Before being able to play, the app will ask you for the Play Station’s BIOS files. You can easily download those from Google with a quick search. Once you have downloaded them, the app will detect them automatically and then you can start playing with whatever roms you have on your device.

Nostalgia.NES for Android Review

Nostalgia.NES has the title of the best NES emulator for Android. A lot of games have gone through this emulator, yet it’s very hard to get a title that can’t be read by it 100%; besides from giving mid-range devices not that hard of a time. Something interesting Nostalgia.NES incorporates that other simulators usually don’t is the possibility of rewinding the game when making a mistake.

Nostalgia.NES is a free NES emulator for Android, but ad-supported; although there is a paid version available for a little more than one euro. So, if you are one of those who play a lot, you’ll get your money’s worth with this app.

MegaN64 Android Review

The best Nintendo 64 emulator for Android is MegaN64. The main problem with emulators for Nintendo 64 is the performance during the games; MegaN64 for Android is a modified version of the Open Source mupen64plus project +, and it has achieved a performance that’s perfect in most devices. On Reviewdapps, we have a special affection for the Nintendo 64 and many of its great games, so this emulator enters this list as one of the best emulators for Android. It will support almost any game from this console, whic you might find rather enjoyable.

MegaN64 is a free app, so as with all emulators around the world, it does contain ads. However, they’re not abusive or too annoying.

My Boy! Android Review

The app My Boy! is a full game boy emulator that can run on the oldest devices, to the most advanced mobile phones, and is one of the few that supports links by cable with good speed.

With it, you can achieve the fastest game possible with a maximum battery saving emulation. You will obtain a high compatibility in all available games.

The app allows you to use your phone’s accesories in the game. such as gyroscope, the solar sensor and vibrator. In addition, you can use multiple cheating codes to advance on the game, such as GameShark, ActionReplay and CodeBreaker.

You can also speed up long scenes of the game or run others more slowly, and save games with the screenshot of the exact moment where you end up. A very complete Android app; couldn’t be missing from the best emulators for Android and has the title of the best Game Boy emulator for Android devices.

PPSSPP Android Review

The portable version of the Play Station, the PSP, was launched in 2005, and it quickly became a success in sales. Today, thanks to the PPSSPP, we can enjoy the best titles for the PSP on our smartphones.

With a very accurate, fluent interface, PPSSPP will allow us to play lot of PSP games, as long as we have downloaded the pertinent files in our device. A very complete PSP emulator for Android that will leave us more than a pleasant impression.

We won’t have a lot of troubles playing games with it; stop talking so much about old, retro consoles. It’s time to move on to something a little more recent with this PSP emulator for Android.

NDS4droid Android Review

The nds4droid app is a Nintendo DS emulator that supports many features to state and sound, in addition to OUYA games consoles. This app is a completely free software, and with it, you’ll relive classic Nintendo Games.

This application may seem to run slowly on some mobile devices, but these situations can be easily solved with the jump box option.

This Nintendo DS emulator for Android may still have certain problems with its performance, but it works pretty well in general. Among all Android apps, this is the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android of the market; therefore, of course, it’s on the list of the best emulators for Android.


One of the main things we do with our Android devices is play; it doesn’t matter how serious you are, you can’t deny it. Many of us come from an era where technology wasn’t so great and consoles were our main source of entertainment. For this reason, the top of the best emulators for Android will help us relive our childhood.

If you have tried some apps that are in your opnion better than these, leave your opinion in the comments and we will include them in the next top.



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