Best ebooks readers for Android

Top Best ebooks readers for Android 2017.

google play booksGoogle Play Books Review.

It is almost a habit for us here on Reviewdapps to start any top with a Google app. If many times these aren’t the best, they at least deserve a mention because of the quality the company bestows us; that is why Google Play Books opens this top of the best ebooks readers for Android.

This app puts at your disposal millions of books (some of them, for free). With it, you can change the font size and customize your reading experience. You can read online and offline and resume reading where you left it on your phone, tablet or computer. In addition, you can add markers, highlight texts and add notes to the pages. It has a 3D effect when turning the pages.

You can use the dictionary, search for geographic information, select night, day or sepia reading mode. You can also select the font and size of letter, listen to books if the Publisher has enabled the synthesis of voice and upload PDFs and ePubs to your library.

google play books review

Kobo for androidKobo Books Review.

This reader named Kobo is for many the best ebook reader for Android. We share that opinion and we do think it is very good, indeed. It allows reading from your mobile device from more than 5 million free titles and at affordable prices. This app synchronizes the point at which you stopped reading, your bookmarks, notes and highlights. You can customize the way you read and keep track of how long it takes to read a book.

Add books to your library from mail, the web, or Dropbox, as well as reading books from public libraries. Publish your activity on Facebook and know what your friends are reading, or share quotes, notes or comments with them.

Kobo books review

Kindle for androidKindle Review.

Kindle’s true potential lies on the giant library the app supports, and with Kindle Unlimited, we can read all the books we want (and that are on the library) for €9.99 a month. It is essential if you have a Kindle at home, since it carries your reading wherever you want thanks to the synchronization between devices. A product from Amazon which, like Google, is pure quality and holds good price for its power; that’s why it’s essential in this top best ebooks readers for Android.

Kindle app review

wattpad app for androidWattpad app Review.

The social network Wattpad so many know already know has a place on the top. For those who don’t know what it is, it’s basically a social network for readers and writers in which you will find a great selection of free books (mostly amateur work, by amateur writers); you can vote, comment, have a very library of your own and much more. If you are an amateur writer, this is a good place to start.

Free app and free books is an offer that’s difficult to refuse. It has a selection of more than 20 million eBooks and amazing social features. Also, it allows you to keep in touch with the authors themselves, interchange opinions with other readers, and write your own works for other users to read. Besides from that, it includes the usual reading customization options. So, here’s Wattpad. Because such complete apps have to be in the top of best ebook readers for Android. The Reviewdapps team encourages you to join it.

Wattpad app review

Aldiko for androidAldiko Review.

Aldiko is another app along the lines of Moon Reader to offer a simple and clean interface. An app that allows access the Feedbooks Store, to access books by Bram Stoker or Miguel de Unamuno, and also include our own custom book catalog. Like all good apps from this top best ebooks readers for Android, it has excellent options. Like day and night reading modes, text and margin customization by simply clicking on the screen while reading.

You can import your own epubs and pdfs with the app. However, within the same, you can find advertising; you’ve been warned. Don’t worry, though, you can remove these, earn the widgets and the ability to highlight text and write notes on epub files if you get the premiun version.

A very renowned app among readers that’s been standing out from other Android apps for a while now.

Aldiko review

FBReader for androidFBReader Review.

Probably many of you were waiting for this one. That would be because FBReader is perhaps the most popular ebook reader for Android. One of the most complete reading apps among Android apps. However, it has no built-in store. This doesn’t strictly mean a disadvantage, since it allows us to incorporate titles from any online store of our choice.

FBReader supports almost all types of formats (epub, rtf, doc, html, mobi, etc…) and allows you to configure a large number of parameters. Allows the use of external dictionaries, incorporates an online eBooks explorer with an option to download them. Also, the library is synchronized between devices. Besides from the usual black on white and white on black, you can add a sepia and wood theme to let your eyes rest a little.

You didn’t think we wouldn’t include FBReader in this top best ebooks for Android, right?

FBReader review

With this, we finally finish the first part of this list of the best ebooks readers for Android. All these apps mentioned before are good and special in their own way, with various options and many similarities; so, don’t be afraid to try them out and keep the one you liked the best. They all have the Reviewdapps quality seal.

What ebook reader do you guys use? Let us know in the comments!



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