The best bible apps for Android

Top best bible apps for Android 2017

bible app for androidBible App  Review

Being one of the most downloaded bible apps on a world level, the You Version Bible App by Life Church deserved a place on this top. As one of the best bible apps for Android, it should be clearly mentioned. Thanks to the over 86 million downloads the app has, we know people from around the world are reading and sharing the Lord’s word. The best part? It’s completely free.

The Bible app includes over a thousand versions of the bible, available in a myriad of different languages.  Not only that, the app offers has tons of features; that’s what makes the You Version Bible app one of the most comprehensive readers on the market. Designed to make reading the Holy Bible an adventure, the app includes as well reading plans and the option to add your own highlights, bookmarks, and notes.

best bible apps for Android

She Reads Truth App for androidShe Reads Truth App Review

The next app on this top best bible apps for Android is one that connects women from all over the world to God and each other. She Reads Truth app allows their users to connect their lives to the Lord with simple yet beautiful bible study plans and a handful of other features.

Anywhere, any time, users will have access to the Holy Bible in their pockets. Some bible study packs are free while others can be gotten through a purchase; however, these are pretty inexpensive. One thing people like about the app is that they can see the scripture reading for the day within the app itself. Of course, you can use a physical bible while studying, but there’s not a real need for that, as the She Reads Truth app offers that already.

She Reads Truth App review

SermonAudio App for androidSermonAudio App Review

The SermonAudio allows its users to quickly browse and search through one of the largest virtual libraries of free MP3 sermons. Just because of that, it deserved a place in this top best bible apps for Android. Offering up to 900000 different sermons to choose from, by thousands of different speakers, the app should be considered as one of the greatest on its field.

You can search by speaker, passage, topic, date, and event type. The app will let you leave comments on the sermon if you wish; some of them will offer associated notes you can download in a PDF file.

If you wish to upload your very own sermon, you’ll have to get the “Full” plan (29.95 per month). However, there are other plans as well. At least, the app can be downloaded for free.

SermonAudio App review

Bible App for Kids for androidBible App for Kids Review

Okay, think of the equivalent of the children’s bible storybook. The Bible App for Kids is exactly what it says it is. It’s a Bible app, for kids.

Nowadays, mobile devices are the modern equivalent of a pacifier. You just hand them to your kids in hope they will stay quiet; you can take advantage of this and introduce them to this app. With it, kids will enjoy well know bible stories through an interactive adventure. Even if your kid is too young to read by themselves, then the app will read for them. At the end of the reading, there will be a few questions to reinforce the learning. There will be as well challenges, fun cartoons, and other stuff.

Since it can teach our next generation from a very young age, we had to add it to this top best bible apps.

Bible App for Kids review

Daily Bible Verse appDaily Bible Verse Review

The next app doesn’t have the most creative name; it is exactly what it states to be. Developers didn’t do a great job at naming the Daily Bible Verse app, but they did with the rest of the content. So, that little detail doesn’t really matter.

The app, as it says it does, shows you a different bible verse day by day. So, every day, you’ll find a different suggestion for your nest reading session. Save your favorites or share them through your social media; you can pick as well between the KJV and the NIV version, if you feel like. Other than that, the app is extremely simple. You can get it for free. On top of that, it does not contain any in.-app purchase of any sort.

Daily Bible Verse review

Bible Quiz 3D AppBible Quiz 3D App Review

Enjoy this trivia alone or with your family. Challenge your knowledge with this Bible Quiz app; this fun game will help you both reinforce what you already know and still have lots of fun. Think of it as a funny way to complement your bible studies. Play by yourself or in the multiplayer mode. Will you win? Download the game now.

Because not all bible apps had to be that serious, we decided to add this one app to the top best bible apps for Android.

Bible Quiz 3D App review



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