The best beauty apps for Android.

Top best beauty apps for Android 2017

beautybook for androidBeauty Book Review.

There’s no worse feeling than urgently needing to get your hair done and finding no one to do it; either because your favorite salon is closed or your hairdresser is overbooked. It’s the absolute worse! Well, Beauty Book can save our lives. Since it can really save our asses, it deserves a place in this top best beauty apps for Android.

Thanks to Beauty Book, we can now find new salon services in our area; client reviews and images from previous works will help you decide. Unfortunately, that would only work if we lived New York City, L.A., Houston, or Dallas. Girls from the Reviewdapps team hope we can soon get that service in our area!

best beauty apps for Android

Hydrate for androidHydrate Review.

If you want to look good, then you have to feel good first. Being healthy is an important part of being pretty; it is the base of our beauty. So, make sure you’re taking good care of your body.

In order to have beautiful, smooth, flawless skin, you have to drink lots of water. Remember to stay hydrated! It is very important. Hydrate will set a “goal” for a day, the amount of water you should drink; if you tend to forget those things, you can also set reminders.

Since our health is this important, we must add it to this top best beauty apps for Android.

hydrate app review

ModiFace for androidModiFace Review.

We have to say ModiFace is pretty useful. Have you ever wanted to try out new eyeshadow colors or play with some new lipstick colors and see how they look on you without the commitment of actually sit down and do it?

That is what ModiFace does. With it, you’ll be able to try out a bunch of different shades on your face without actually doing it. Just upload and picture and start playing around! It’s definitely a must if you don’t like spending an hour or two of your life in that kind of things.

An app like this deserves a place in the top best beauty apps for Android.

ModiFace review

YouTube for androidYouTube Review.

The video platform has a bit of everything; that, of course, includes beauty. Hair, skin care, makeup, nails. Anything beauty related you can think of, even professional procedures, like microblading, permanent makeup and surgeries. Well, you won’t get to see the actual surgery, but you can see the rest of the process it involves.

This is where most of the known “beauty gurus” display their content (and there are lots of them), so, go crazy! There’s a lot to watch.

YouTube app review

Pretty in My Pocket Review.

Sometimes, makeup shopping can be hard. Especially because it can be so expensive. I’ve been disappointed at pricey products for not meeting my expectations more than once! Now, every time there’s an expensive product I’m not sure about buying, I pull out my phone and use Pretty in My Pocket.

Now, you can use this with any other product. But since this is a list of the best beauty apps for Android…

Pretty in My Pocket lets you scan a barcode and get an honest review for the product.

Pretty in My Pocket review

Beautylish for androidBeautylish Review.

Beautylish is basically tinder for only new beauty trends and products. Or rather a mashup between Pinterest and a forum.

Connect with this makeup lover community; watch tutorials, ask something, you can even buy cosmetics. With Beautylish, you can be sure you’re getting honest reviews. In general, it’s a very complete website for any beauty lover.

Beautylish review

Mirror for androidMirror Review.

So, it’s been a while since you did your last touch-up? Do you suspect there’s lipstick on your teeth? Feel like your eyelashes are falling off? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to Mirror, you’ll be able to quickly check out your makeup if you don’t have a real mirror without you.

Just pull out your phone and make sure you’re still looking good. As the app suggest, the app is basically a mirror. It uses the front camera, lighting and zoom, to turn into the perfect pocket mirror.  You can even use it in the dark!

Mirror review

Think Dirty for androidThink Dirty Review.

Okay, you might think that taking off your makeup after a few hours and washing your face are enough to take care of your skin, but actually, you should start checking your cosmetic’s ingredients before even putting them on your face (or buying them).

Now, if you’re one to worry about those things, then this is the best beauty app for you. Scan a product’s code with your phone and Think Dirty will tell how toxic it is; it’ll analyze the ingredients and rank it from one to ten in a Dirty Meter.

If you find worrying a product’s level of toxicity, the app can give you greener recommendations.

Think Dirty review

QSun - Sun Safety & UV Index for androidQSun – Sun Safety & UV Index Review.

However, not only does it take to drink lots of water to have pretty skin. You also have to smear a ton of different concoctions on it, and of course, watch out from the sun.

Summer is all fun until you get sunburnt. It is very important to take care of your skin, so QSun gives you personalized sun safety advice. It gives you real-time UV temperature and index readings from where are standing; if that’s not useful, I don’t know what is. That’s why it deserves a place in this top best beauty apps for Android.

QSun - Sun Safety & UV Index review



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