The best basketball games for Android

Top best basketball games for Android 2017

best basketball games for AndroidBasket Fall Review.

We’ll start this top best basketball games for Android with one that is relatively recent; not a heavy basket game where you control all players, instead, one where your objective is simple. Cut the rope so that the ball can fall into the basket.

Basket Fall is a game about sports and skill, in which wel have to drive and Dunk a ball tied to a rope, using the touch screen. To do this, we’ll have to cut it at the appropriate time, keeping in mind the trajectory and power of the same. The game features power-ups, enhancers and challenges to make the experience more fun.

A solid, very addictive game. We recommend it to not so hardcore, casual players.

basket fall review

Real Basketball for androidReal Basketball Review.

We are now mentioning one classic basketball game for Android; one veteran that’s been for a while hovering around Android games. A game that both graphically and in gameplay is so good that could be paid and still enter this top best basketball games for Android.

Real Basketball has been designed so that players from around the world can measure their skills with freekicks competitions. However, you can also play without having to connect to the network or challenge our own friends. As we accomplish the objectives of the 6 different game modes in Real Basketball games, the player will gain MP points.

With these points, you can acquire new elements such as special balls new t-shirts for our character. In Real Basketball, there are a total of 40 t-shirts and 20 different balls. As we change these items, also scenarios will vary, having us playing games both in large arenas and street courts. There are in total four scenarios where we can compete.

Real Basketball review

NBA Live Mobile Basketball reviewNBA Live Mobile Basketball Review.

We started with one of the most realistic and complete basket games there are on the Google Play for free. The objective of the game is not only to be the best player, but also to manage your team; take care of improving the template and everything that’s related to the team. Matches are divided in the frenetic, fast-paced quarter of 2 minutes in which you’ll have multiple options when you attack (shooting, passing, penetration) and when you defend (plug, change, marking). In addition, there are daily events that allow you to win interesting prizes.

Also, it carries the quality seal of one of the best manufacturers of the World Games; Electronic Arts. In this basketball game, we’ll have the chance to lead our team against other players from around the world or in the offline mode.

If you are looking for a realistic experience, with great graphics, play with other players, this is your game. It has a 4.4 score and more than 50 million downloads.

NBA Live Mobile Basketball for android

dude perfect 2 for androidDude Perfect 2 Review.

We move on to a game that, more than basketball, it’s about thinking. It’s Dude Perfect 2, a game that reminds me personally a little of Angry Birds, but with basket balls, and instead of Bad Piggies, we’ll have baskets. We’ll have to make different types of balls to dunk; sometimes, the baskets will be close, although most will be far and you’ll have 100 obstacles to save. A game fun and available forfree for Android.

It is the game with the highest score on this list, being 4.5. It is a bit different than the previously mentioned; that’s why we brought it as a good, different alternative among the best basketball games for Android.

Dude Perfect 2 review

Stickman Basketball for androidStickman Basketball Review.

To finish the top, let’s go with one last game. You should expect a realistic, NBA-like experience from this game but rather, you can have lots of fun, hours and hours of fun. Here, matches can be pretty long, for those who love real time gameplay. It has more than 31 teams and many modalities, a fast and fun game worthy the last mention of this top best basketball games for Android.

This title is played by Stickman. We all know him. It’s literally a stickman, increasingly more present in Android games. Its shape is shared by the 10 players on the field, which can be seen from an aerial and lateral view(could be a little closer). You can manage the mechanics very easily through a joystick and two virtual buttons, both in defense and in attack.

From this game stands out especially its many friendly match modes, tournaments and leagues, in which you can invest hours in matches from 4, 6, 8, to only 16 minutes. It also has a curious type of street game in which you compete in a rather curious scenario.

Stickman Basketball review




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