The best apps for writers and creative process.

Top best apps for writers 2017.

The whole creative process and writing have undergone severe changes; they’ve gone from the tangible to the virtual. Just in the last decade, they have changed completely, or at least for the most part. Back then, writers used their typewriters whenever they were inspired, and even ran to these in the middle of the night, when their muses suddenly hit them out of the blue. Now, technologies took the modern equivalent of those devices to aspiring author’s pockets and go with them wherever they go.

Nowadays, writers have all kinds of tools at their disposition to improve and explode their skills as they practice this art. There’s at least a hundred apps to help them out, so, either you’re a newbie or an already experienced writer, you might want to check these out and discover a few of the best tools for you, the best apps for writers.

best apps for writersThe Brainstormer Review ($0.99).

This app is basically a story/idea generator; it was especially made to challenge you, and hell, it does its job. We could say The Brainstormer is the perfect app for when you run out of new ideas. With it, the goal would be to make you think outside the box, in new directions, to challenge yourself. Like that, you’d be pushing yourself further and further to that amazing narrative in your greatest story.

You can think of it as an exercise. Whatever you want to call it, it will get your ideas flowing very quickly; since we know how frustrating it is to be “blocked”, we added The Brainstormer to this top best apps for writers.

All you have to do is spin the wheel. The first wheel will give you a conflict, a second one, the setting, and the third and last, the subject. Combine these three ideas and you’ll probably get an incredibly mind-blowing creative storyline – of course, not all of them will be bomb, but hey! The app will help a lot when in the search for inspiration.

The Brainstormer review

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster for androidDictionary – Merriam-Webster Review (free / $3.99).

Words are writer’s raw material. In order to create their art, they need these. Lot of these. So, they should preferably have a large vocabulary; not that you need big words to make a great story, but the knowledge won’t hurt. And sometimes, you’ll need a very specific word to transmit a very specific feeling, or image. Then, writers definitely need dictionaries. They are essential parts of their toolbox, so, we had to include one.

The Merriam – Webster is America’s most reached-for dictionary, so, why not pick this one? Any dictionary app is one of the best apps for writers, but we’ll be talking about this one today.

There’s a free version; that one is good as it is, but has a limited thesaurus. The Premium version, which has a price of $3.99, is fairly complete. For a bigger inversion ($25), you’ll get incredibly powerful extra features; a contextual menu, search for anagrams, and the most important feature: the wildcard search. You can easily get both of these on the Play Store, so look it up.

Dictionary - Merriam-Webster review

Spice Mobile for androidSpice Mobile Review (free).

Ever had issues with writer’s block? We know you have, so we’ll bring you a cure, one of the best apps for writers to ever exist. This is Spice Mobile and will give you ideas when you’ve run out of them. Have you been stuck with a phrase, unable to find the right word to continue? It’ll come as handy in these situations. Whenever you’re struggling to keep on writing, it will provide inspiration. Spice Mobile will offer you its enormous phrase thesaurus whenever you ask for it; it’ll come as a live savior at times, that’s why we’ve added it to this top best apps for writers.

Spice Mobile review

Ever Note for androidEverNote Review (free).

Sometimes, inspirations takes over you completely out of the blue during unsuitable moments; when you’re at work or school and really can’t start writing right there. And with the hectic lifestyle people has nowadays, it is often hard to remember the small things we think of throughout the day. It could be easy to forget that great idea you had, that dialogue you imagined, that character you pictured.

For writers, note apps could offer more than just a space for the shopping list; in this case, we’ll be talking about Ever Note. The Ever Note app will help you out to write down anything anytime so you can see things later and not lose the idea. Even better, you won’t need anything more than your smartphone – that’s why it’s one of the best apps for writers.

Ever Note review

Dragon Remote Microphone for androidDragon Remote Microphone Review (free).

Or, if you don’t even have time or are unable to write down your thoughts, you can simply use Dragon Remote Microphone. While doing any activity that needs you to keep your hands free and eyes off the screen, this app will offer you a great alternative not to lose your precious idea.

What Dragon Remote Microphone does can be easily deduced from its name, but we’ll say it anyways. It will basically take dictation of whatever you decide to record; it will let you dictate anything and make it into a text it won’t vanish as quickly as words. However, you can use it with other purposes different to the strictly creative: you can use it for dictating emails and posts for your social media. But that won’t take away its title as one of the best apps for writers.

Dragon Remote Microphone review

So, that was it, our top best apps for writers. If you happen to be an aspiring author and an Android user, you might want to check some of these out. Happy writing!



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