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Top best apps for web developers 2017

best apps for web developersDroidEdit Review.

This app is a text editor to edit files. Its outstanding features include highlighting texts from a great variety of languages, opening and saving files directly from Dropbox and its infinite levels of undo and redo.

There are two versions: a free and a Pro you can get for £ 0.99, which has some extra features.

You might have heard of Sublime Text, Notepad ++, or others by the style; well, here’s one for Android. It has all the benefits of its desktop counterpart; from highlighting codes (with colors for keywords), automatic recognition of the language, support for multiple tabs, key combination to support for various subjects. With an amazing 4.6 score, it’s the perfect app to start this list of best apps for web developers.

DroidEdit review

KeePassDroid for androidKeePassDroid Review.

It is well-known that the safest thing is not save passwords. Even if you manage many websites and servers and remembering them all can be difficult. For this reason, we present KeePassDroid, an implementation for Android by KeePass Password Safe (Linux, Windows, Mac, etc); it supports reading and writing for .kbd and KeePass support 1 and 2. With it, you can have a database with all the passwords and important data protected with a master key or a key file.

It’s one of the most useful apps any web developer can have. If you have to manage a large number of sites at the same time and have lots of data to memorize, you won’t regret getting this, one of the best apps for web developers.

KeePassDroid review

ConnectBot for androidConnectBot Review.

Pretty much like Putty for Windows, ConnectBot is a free open source app that allows users to connect to any Linux device running a SSH client. This is essential for Linux administrators. Users can transfer files remotely and create remote telnet sessions.

If we want to make these persistent connections, i.e. connect from another location during our holidays to our desktop computer, we will have to leave the computer always turned on. If we want to connect to laptops, it is important to check the power options; you have to ensure the equipment won’t enter suspension, which, in many cases, may lead to inconvenient.

Weebly for androidWeebly Review.

We are now going with a somewhat less professional tool. You don’t need to be especially skilled or anything like that to use it. However, its usefulness is undeniable, being the best apps for web developer in existence in the whole Play Store.

This is possibly the best scored and most downloaded app on the Google Play for the creation of websites; it’s Weebly. Thanks to it, you can easily create a website for your business or your personal blog. Create content, customize menus, add images and galleries, apply filters to photos, or share content via Facebook or Twitter with a single click.

Weebly review

AndFTP for androidAndFTP Review.

Every web developer needs to be able to transfer files at any time. You may want to upload photos from an event to a website, or take data or a file from your web server. That’s not a problem with AndFTP. With this free app, you simply set input on the FTP settings, and you’ll be transferring files in a very short time. Key tool in this top best apps for web developers.

It is the most powerful FTP client for controlling files hosted on FTP servers available; it’s very useful for webmasters, web administrators, and even designers, but also for any advanced blogger or a website owner, or whoever works with files hosted on this type of servers.

Perfect for FTP, FTPS, SCP, and SFTP servers. Dual browser (device and server), download, upload, rename, synchronizes, delete… whatever you want to dowith your files. It supports SSH RSA/DSA keys.

On the other hand, the paid version also allows support SCP, folder synchronization, execution of custom and import settings from the file commands.

AndFTP review




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