Best Apps to edit photos for Android

Photography is a key point in the Android smartphones. A good or bad camera can be the turning point between buying or not a particular terminal. Once we have chosen a certain smartphone and have taken some photos, we will need to edit them to improve them, in order to get the best possible image. Today we bring you the best Android apps for editing photos.


Snapseed preview

Snapseed is the most famous application to edit photographs in iOS and Android. With Snapseed, we can edit our photos very easily and get profesional results.

In Snapseed you can always adjust settings such as brightness and contrast, exposure (saturation and warmth) or colors, shades and environment, improving the overall contrast of each photograph. Besides, this application has an advantage over the rest because since its last update it also allows to edit photos in RAW format.



VSCO Cam preview

This is a standard and simple app to edit photos on Android. VSCO Cam is both an application to edit your photos and also to take them. The editing is done through many filters, and what’s more, the new ones can also be downloaded. You can always see how you are changing the original image.

It is also a kind of social network where you can view and share photos of people from all over the world.



Prisma Preview

Prism is one of the latest sensations on the Play Store. It is an application that rebuilds your photos with artistic effects with the style of famous painters.
The app is free to download and, according to its creators, will include interesting new features in the future, such as videos or the possibility of live broadcasts.



Afterlight preview

This is a fabulous but simplistic application. It has image adjustments, 59 filters and 66 textures which will help you improve a lot your favorite snapshots.

Frames are also available so you will be able to get a very retro look. Once finished, you can select the resolution you prefer and send the image directly to you social networks.


So as you can see, there several Android apps that are great to edit your photos. As we alsays recommend you, you should try some of them before choosing the one that is perfect for your style and suits all your needs.

Anyway, do not forget about letting us know if you know any other great app to edit photos for Android smartphones.