Best apps to sell clothes for Android

Top Best apps to sell clothes for Android 2017

Carousell Review.

Let’s change things a bit and let’s start the top with a not-so-old app. This is a relatively new application, but due to its effectiveness and utility, it managed to rapidly position as one of the best apps to sell clothes. It will help you to sell almost anything, from your phone and other electronics, clothing to furniture and food. Something many will like is that there’s no commission of any kind; on the contrary, you’re supposed to meet with the person in real life, in a safe environment, on a previously-scheduled location. Or that’s not an option for you, you can also send money via other payment services like PayPal.

That gives you more flexibility when it comes to selling, since you can choose how you want to accept a payment. In many ways, this is a positive thing, but it’s fort is the lack of commissions. The only downside is that it doesn’t have any reimbursement politics; for that reason, the app to do business face to face.

Carousell for android

Wallapop for androidWallapop Review.

If you’re looking for an experience similar to traditional markets, where you can negotiate with the seller and reach an agreement, then this app is what you want. Many talk about it, but its 4.3 score and its more than 40 million downloads speak for itself. An indispensable app if you sell all the clothes you don’t use anymore; undoubtedly, one of the best apps to sell clothes.

After signing up on this free application, you can sell or buy any product by uploading one or more photos, assigning a price, describing the product, classifying it within a category to make your search easier, and then uploading it to the platform. A very special feature of this app is its geolocation search, so that all the opportunities will be closer to you. You also have the possibility to chat in real time with the seller to negotiate prices.

wallapop review

Poshmark for androidPoshmark Review.

A great app focused on selling old things you no longer use but that won’t lose its glamour; you’ll often see garments and accessories from famous designers. That’s Poshmark.

As with other apps to sell clothes on Android we talked about before, the whole process is quite simple. Taking a few pictures of what you want to sell and adding a description and a price will be enough. That’s how easily you’ll have your product for sale on the Poshmark virtual catalogs.

Another important feature of this app and the reason why we include it in this top best apps to sell clothes for Android, is that each season, they create themed categories within the app. With these, you can promote products more easily, e.g.: summer clothes or winter overcoats. This will increase our chances of having our product viewed.

Depop for androidDepop Review.

This is a somewhat hipster marketplace could tell something, like a sales Instagram. Here, you can sell from CDs to clothing and some rather special objects. It has had a certain triumph in European countries such as Italy and the United Kingdom, but has also penetrated other countries.

This app is like a mix between a sales app and a social networking, as the product, description and photos you upload to it you’ll also be able to share from the app on all your other social media. Like that, you might find out if among your friends, there’s a potential buyer.

It has a beautiful aesthetic as well as a high security level for your shopping. Another attractive, important thing is that it will accept PayPal as a payment method; which is an advantage for thousands of people who will manage their accounts with this.

Depop review

eBay for androideBay app Review.

We couldn’t forget those classic that just have a place on a top best apps to sell clothes. Because they are famous, multimillion-dollar companies that have accompanied us since long before even smartphones were a thing. With its many reimbursement and quality controls, in addition to the millions of users who use it, eBay is never a bad option to sell the clothes you don’t use anymore.

The famous auction website was first saw light in 1995 has managed to adapt itself very well to changes over time and has its own app, as it would be expected. Which will ease the process of getting our products from this. There’s not much to say people don’t know already. Same as with the previous option, it has an advantage; the company accepts PayPal as a payment method, which will save many from a headache. That without considering the shipments the website offers.

 eBay app review

This is a top best apps to sell clothes for Android. Many of us see ourselves in this need when realizing our closet is filled with lots of clothing we don’t use anymore but still want to make something out of them; that’s why we came out with it today. In many of these apps, you will find a good marketplace and a potential client; we encourage you to try them.

As always, on Reviewdapps, we want to read your comments and experiences using any of these or other app to be able to include them in future tops.



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