The best apps for cat owners.

Top best apps for cat owners 2017

top best apps for cat ownersCrazy Cat Review.

Every cat owner knows much of a jerk these creatures can be, and making these do certain task turns out to be an ordeal on many occasions. That’s why we’ve made this top best apps for cat owners, to offer a little help. We’ll begin with an app called Crazy Cat, a good alternative.

A great choice since it’s a game where our feline pal’s skills will be tested with a simulation. This will be so by making them hunt with their tiny paws every little animal that crosses the screen; these range from mice to fast insects. In addition, if you have another Android device and Bluetooth connection, you’ll be able to control the movements of those animals in the game. That wat, both you and your pet will spend hours playing together and having fun.

Crazy Cat app for android

magic piano for androidMagic Piano Review.

Magic Piano, a perfectly designed app for all lovers and fans of music. A musical app, like the Play Store and The New York Times catalogues them; this is a popular platform among sound and harmonic rhythm games.

Magic Piano’s functionality is simple, and it starts with the selection a few melodies of your liking. Immediately after, the game starts to display the descent of small, colorful circles that change with each of the polyphony’s musical note.

The thing is that this app was actually designed for humans, but many have discovered that cats can use it and enjoy it, as they find quite intriguing to press the screen and have it emit a sound. With this app, you can enjoy hours and hours of fun with your cat. That’s why we’ve given it a place as one of the best apps for cat owners.

Magic Piano app review

Cat Alone for androidCat Alone Review. 

Whether your cat is nervous or you just want him to have a little fun, leave this app open for a while and you’ll see how he’ll have a great time chasing insects, playing with a laser light, hearing fly’s noises or playing with a mischievous finger that pops up out from a cushion.

In general, the app will present a lot of objectives your cat will find irresistible; just by touching it, he’ll be able to ‘remove’ some of these, but others will pop up. From lights to insects, the fun is endless and you will spend a good time watching your pet.

Note that this type of apps tend to not work with all the cats, since it depends on the enthusiasm or attitude, or if it’s very lazy. Keep this in mind and try it with yout cat, and have fun!

Cat Alone review

Weenect reviewWeenect Review. 

This one had to be in this top best apps for cat owners to help them avoid losing their cats. We know how much these mischievous little guys love to go out, away from home. It’s not just an app; for it to work, you need to get a GPS collar, put it on the cat and install the app.

Collar-phone for your cat. If your cat is a brave explorer who usually leaves home, Weenect allows you to check the history of your cat’s location and show its whereabouts not only through a map, but also through augmented reality, in case your cat has camouflage abilities.

The collar is water-proof and has a SIM card that will allow you to make calls- That feature we don’t really understand, but hey! It’s there in case you want to use it.

Weenect for android

Cat Breeds for androidCat Breeds Review. 

If you are looking for which cat breed suits your lifestyle the best or want to know what special features your cat has, this is the app for you. It doesn’t have the best interface, but it is explanatory and will help you to know all about the breeds: appearance, character, typical illnesses, weight and curious facts.

This makes it the perfect app to conclude this top best apps for cat owners, because of its usefulness. You can buy a new cat according to its recommendations, or if you have already one and want to look for a partner with which it’ll get along, this app you will be quite useful.

Cat Breeds review

If you own a cat, or want to, all these app would help you out at some point. If, like me, you love cats, then you’ll probably love them! Being a fan of these beautiful creatures, I find them all useful; if you have a suggestion, you can leave it down below in the comments; if it is the first time you try some of these out, let us know about your experience, too!




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