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Top best antivirus for Android 2017

Lookout for androidLookout Review.

We’ll start off with one of people’s favorites antivirus for Android par excellence. One of the most important apps in the Android ecosystem is the Lookout Antivirus, a classic that’s been for years in the lists of the best antivirus for Android with its more than 500 million downloads.

Lookout is an application that provides essential protection for your mobile device against malware, viruses, losses and theft. This app does not only protect your phone, but also checks other installed apps to make sure they don’t have any malware or backdoor.

Lookout allows you to locate your device on a map in case of loss and then activate an alarm, even if it’s in silent mode. It also allows you to automatically save the location of your mobile phone when the battery is running low.

Lookout also allows you to save a copy of your Google contacts or download your contacts on your computer to transfer them to another device; that, among many other things.

best antivirus for Android

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus for androidAvast! Mobile Security & Antivirus Review.

We had to mention another big antivirus; the perfect contender against the aforementioned with over 500 million downloads, as well as its 4.5 score. That alone says a lot. It is the perfect choice for this top best antivirus for Android.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus, an antivirus known by Android users. With it, we can automatically analyze apps installed on the terminal. In addition, it checks all the content on the memory card and all the new apps you want to download.

This antivirus has SMS and call filters, and will have an option for GPS blocking and tracking. You can add a siren to the tracking, so whoever took your phone will have a fright. Also, it’s an amazing feature for those who constantly lose their phones. One of the available features is the firewall and remote functions.

Avast! Mobile Security & Antivirus app review

Norton Antivirus for androidNorton Antivirus Review.

A fairly popular antivirus. It boasts a great trajectory and reputation for PC; now it comes for Android, we can say it’s here to stay. Norton isn’t as popular as the previous two options. However, it has an amazing score of 4.5 and over 50 million downloads. (If we could add up the number of downloads for PC, it would far exceed the previous options).

Norton Security and Antivirus is capable of protecting your device from theft and viruses. It is a free app able to eliminate malwares on your phone or tablet of malware even before they get into your devices through periodic analysis of periodic and automatic checkouts on apps. Also, it will offer the possibility of analyzing your device’s SD card. Besides from that, it offers a possibility of remote blocking through a text message in case you lose your phone.

Norton Antivirus review

360 Security for android360 Security Review.

Next, we’ll move on to another heavy weight, which can get away with the tutelage of being the best antivirus for Android in the world. Or at least, the most famous, for sure. As well as the two top positions, 360 Security Antivirus has more than 500 million downloads, having the highest score in this list of the best antivirus for Android with a 4.6 and a huge number of users. That alone is already an impressive achievement.

It is more than obvious that it does all the same as the aforementioned; the protection provided is very good, with an updated data base quite capable of detecting recent threats. But, these aren’t its only features. The app also allows to clean inactive applications running in the background and optimizes your Android phone. It also allows analysis of vulnerabilities and useless files, as well as security checks.

Among the features 360 Security, there’s one with which you can activate the battery saver mode.

Kaspersky for AndroidKaspersky for Android Review.

To complete this top best antivirus for Android, we’ll mention another great option that has earned its deserved place. It brings the latest technologies to combat recent computer viruses, and has the highest score in this list, even though it has fewer downloads (50 million). Its 4.7 speaks by itself; you can check yourself if it’s really worth it.

Its antitheft options and anti-virus scanner features are simply the most powerful on the Android app market. The downside of this antivirus software is that real-time protection is paid. The app, however, has as a positive point. It was created by one of the most trustworthy companies in the antivirus field.

In this way, Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is the application that will serve as a free virus security solution that helps protect smartphones and tablets, as well as any personal data stored, from the latest mobile threats, viruses, spyware, Trojans, etc…

Kaspersky review

This is the first part of this top best antivirus for Android; we must bring more installments, because there are too many in the Android market, and many of them are very good. Leave in the comments your experiences with any antivirus so we can include them in the next top.



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