The best android strategy games

Undoubtedly, strategy games are not just for having fun for a while, but also to demonstrate your skills as a military strategist and defeat your opponent with tactics and ideas and not just with force.
Although most players in the world use their PCs for its challenges, many of them have been migrating to mobile technology and it already has millions of players who enjoy of these complicated games.
This selection we offer you below includes the best strategy games for Android devices according to users and according to various journals.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl is the app adaptation of the famous board game Warhammer Fantasy. With it you can build your team with one of the six races of the Warhammer fantasy (humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, Wood Elves and Chaos warriors) universe.

You can play this game, similar to a very bloody football. Also, you can play on the Alone mode or you can fight for the Blood Bowl trophy on the campaign mode, which will let you add victories and gain experience to develop your team and its players.
In the multiplayer mode you can play against a friend in your tablet in “Hotseat” mode or play online in a huge permanent league where you can create and develop your teams.

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Game of Thrones Ascent

An app based on the famous book popularly known as Game of Thrones, and has won the sympathy of millions of viewers with the series of the same name.
More than 4 million Android users have chosen this game where you can build your house of nobles, embark yorself on missions and increase your strength based on your battle strategies.
The app has over 2,500 missions and dozens of adventures in which your decisions will affect how the story unfolds!

You can hire a legion of warriors sworn to ship adventures and explore the west Word or simply accumulate wealth to increase the power of your home-based money.
With its options you can compete against millions of players around the world and be recognized as the best warrior. The app features automatic updates related to the episodes of the series as they are released, which brings higher expectation.

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Your mission on Boom Beach is simple, bomb the beach and take it with your team… but nothing is as simple as it might look. Once you start playing, you are going to battle against the evil Dark Guard in an epic war.
The game’s plot is developed with an expeditionary force to the incredible paradise islands invaded by the enemy. You must fight for every beachhead, free the enslaved natives and explore the unknown
As you advance levels the game becomes more complex and the fight becomes a race for dominance of the old powers that lie hidden on the islands. The islands are full of dangers but also of treasures that will increase your points.
With this app you can play with thousands of players, raid their bases and enjoy the arts of war.