Best Android launchers

Top Best Android launchers 2017.


Top Best Android launchers 2017

Nova Launcher Review.

This one doesn’t need any introduction; Nova is undoubtedly the most popular launcher we can find. With a lot of customization options that allows us to change up the appearance of our phone and add features with surprising rapidity, Nova has earned a position as the best launcher for Android. And, of course, the first place in this top best Android launchers, being the option used by millions of users, preferring it over the operative system’s own launcher many times.

Nova offers us two options: one free and one paid. In the first, we can find many of the features Nova offers, though many others won’t be accessible. To be able to use these others, you will have to pay out $4.99; however, it’s not uncommon to find this app on sales, with a price below 1€.

Best Android launchers

Google Launcher Now Review.

If you think “less is more”, and that simplicity is way better than to have too many options and customizability, the official Google launcher is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

This launcher stands out precisely because of its simplicity and stability, being the one we find on Nexus devices and integrating Google Now on a specific screen for it; thus, allowing us to quickly access Google Wizard cards and all its features.

As you’d think and is well known about most Google apps, we can get Google Now Launcher for free on the Play Store. Almost everything Google makes has good quality and deserves a place in the list of the best Android launchers.

Google Launcher Now review

Apex Launcher for androidApex Launcher Review.

Apex Launcher is one of the oldest launchers of the market we can find in the Play Store; it’s been for a long time the best Android launchers and definitely one of the most popular launchers for Android. Always upstaged by Nova Launcher, Apex offers us an air of minimalism, customization to extreme limits and compatibility with almost all icon themes in the world. A quite complete launcher, almost as good as the Nova Launcher, in our opinion at Reviewdapps. We recommend you to give it a chance as it is a good alternative.

Apex Launcher review

Action Launcher reviewAction Launcher Review.

Despite using a little too much storage, Action Launcher has earned its popularity with tools as Quickcuts; a correct customization without taking it to the extreme on a premium modality you won’t regret purchasing. The amount of utilities it has are so many.

Specifically, Quickcuts is a function that allows us to open some kind of side menu from which we’ll be able to access some apps more quickly and comfortably, making a firm statement of its differences from its main rival. Despite being a little large when it comes to sizes, it is a complete, powerful launcher. We could even say it’s better than Nova Launcher in certain aspects.

Action Launcher for android

Smart Launcher 3 for androidSmart Launcher 3 Review.

A smart Launcher for Android, which based its premise on being the launcher that makes your storage suffer the less. With a RAM usage lower than any other’s, this launcher is ideal for medium-low range devices. In addition, it eases an app’s launch with only two taps, and thus, minimize the access. Also, in terms of customization and control gestures, Smart Launcher has nothing to envy Nova. It has earned its mention in this list of the best Android launchers 2017, just because of its lightness and good operation. That is always a well appreciated detail.

Smart-Launcher-3 review

Aviate Yahoo Launcher for androidAviate Yahoo Launcher Review.

One of the smartest, most dynamic launchers in the market is the Aviate Yahoo Launcger, now property of Yahoo. Even if your Android phone is very basic, Aviate will give a totally different and professional touch with an attractive design and various intelligent added features.

For example, if you are a slightly messy mobile user, Aviate will make a great work for you, helping you organize the apps you use the most and grouping the rest in sections or categories. Which, of course, you’ll be able to modify to your liking later.

Aviate Yahoo Launcher review

Holo launcher for androidHolo Launcher Review.

A pretty simple launcher, but increasingly popular among Android users. It distinguishes itself from the rest of the many available launchers because it offers some very original touch functions that help you access more quickly recent tools and apps.

In essence, what Holo does is add an “invisible” menu of fast accesses and recently used apps that’s activated by sliding your finger from the bottom left corner towards the center of the screen. The study and follow-up we have done on this launcher in Reviewdapps has shown us is stands out among all the Android apps. The 6 stars score it has on the Play Store has been earned  makes it a worthy candidate to close this top of the best Android launcher of all time.

holo-launcher review

In our experience here on Reviewdapps, both for its functioning and its fame and recognition, these would be some of the best Android launcher 2017. They are all good in their own way; it’s a matter of trying and see which one suits you the best, your habits and needs.

As always, we would like to hear your opinion and suggestions on Reviewdapps for a second list of the best Android launcher.



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