Best Android Launcher Nova Launcher

Launcher, in an app, is the graphic section the user will see every day in their cellphone’s screen, as we’ll explain next. It’s a system in charge of the visualization the desk or the home screen, and the apps drawer. This app is key for optimizing the user’s time and a fastest app administration. Thanks to the open source software section granted by the developers, it is possible to change our smartphone’s launchers.

This time we’d like to talk about one of the most popular launchers of this year thanks to how powerful it is and how good it works: this is Nova Launcher app, which is the best existing Smartphone launcher for Android so far. When it comes to personalization, it is one of the most powerful launchers in the market, without taking into account that it does not slow down the devices at all; it has a curious capacity to open apps rapidly. It is definitely one of the best launchers for Android.

Nova Launcher review advantages: reasons why you should use it.

  • Personalize to your liking the size you’d like the grid to be
  • Nova Launcher Preview

Many people would like to be able to modify the amount of icons they can see on their grid, which very little apps or launchers are able to make. Nova Launcher has the capacity to adjust the grid just the way you’d like to.

  • Nova Launcher is light and quick

Something this powerful launcher has stood out for from the very beginning is the speed and lightness it possesses. When it comes to Android launchers, it is the fastest in the market since it is purely based on Android.

  • Changing your Android’s icons size

With Nova Launcher you’ll have tons of personalization options and nova themes, and when we say “tons”, we mean it. Among these you can find one for changing an your Smartphone’s icons size.

  • Take down Google’s search bar

Even if it sounds unimportant, the truth is that for some users the Google search bar Androids often have incorporated might become a bother. Nova Launcher allows us to take Google search bar down and give our screen a better appearance.

  • Organize and optimize the app drawer

Nova Configuration > Aplications > Drawer Groups. This is one of Nova Launcher’s powerful functions. Here’s where you can delete the widgets tab and adapt the app drawer to your needs. For example, it can be stablished a frequently used apps tab and a tab for the rest of the apps. Inside of each one of the tabs, apps can be organized by folders, just the way you can see on the image. There probably isn’t a better way to organize the app’s screen to optimize the time you spend looking for them.

These are only some of Nova Launcher’s characteristics and advantages above other apps. It has earned a well-deserved reputation as the best app among its kind; the personalization and utilities it offers are simply matchless.