The best Android games May 2017

Top best Android games May 2017

Half of this month has already passed by, so here we bring you another installment of the series we’ve been making each month. It’s time for Best Android Games May 2017. So, Android games fans can stay updated with what’s new; those that are drawing attention on themselves every month. Now let’s move on, let’s start with this list.

Card Thief for androidCard Thief Review.

This game is exactly what its name suggests; in it, you’re a card thief. You’ll have to make yourself a way through a board turning off ‘torch’ cards. Once it’s all “in the dark”, you can form a path from the cards you want to steal. In this path, you’ll find both treasures and monsters, so, watch out.

It’s up to you and your strategy to get the best cards. For this, you’ll also have a deck to help you in this process.

Use your best card teams to steal priceless treasures. For each well performed theft, you can unlock more cards and improve your skills, to face more powerful enemies.

With a little more than 500 thousand downloads, Card Thief for Android is already positioned as to become a big game. It has a superb 4.6 score and very good reviews. We recommend it; a game that’s undoubtedly some of the best Android games May 2017.

Card Thief review

The Big Journey for androidThe Big Journey Review.

Here’s something pretty cool. The game promises a lot, even though it’s just fresh out of the oven. The Big Journey is a pretty promising Android game; it has an incredibly pretty graphic style, as well as one of the best soundtracks we’ve heard in a while.

Help Mr. Whiskers find her master: Mr. Cho. To achieve this, you need to make Whiskers roll and jump to through diverse and beautiful backgrounds while listening to the soundtrack (by the popular band Choconauts) and discovering new characters. On your way, your character will make some new friends.

The game has a price of $1.99 in the Play Store. That’s more than acceptable for a game in which you can tell how much effort was put in the app; the quality is really noticeable.

yellow for androidYellow Review.

We’re going next with another fresh installment; a game with very short life that is worthy of a place in this top best Android games may 2017. Yellow is a puzzle game for Android. But this is not just any game; we are talking about one that has come to stay and revolutionize the puzzle genre.

Yellow is the classic puzzle game with very simple but downright addictive mechanics. The objective is to overcome the various tests players are proposed to complete the level. As you can imagine, tests and puzzles get increasingly complicated level after lever, to the extent that, in many occasions, you might even have to use a few hints. Download Yellow and put to test your mental agility and your ability to overcome each of the levels.

yellow game review


CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars for androidC.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Review.

This game we’ll write an article on very soon; this is possibly one of the best Android game this 2017. Considering how little time it’s been on the market, it has achieved an incredible amount that exceeds 5 million downloads. It has become a viral phenomenon and one of the best Android games of the Play Store ecosystem.

It’s a very fun game, of which theme is very original. Robot battles led by cats. In fact, we won’t be the ones manipulating the robots during the battle, since it is developed automatically. Our mission will be to equip the robots with different parts to beat others in the fight.

We don’t want to say a lot so we can give you an individual article on it. However, we do recommend it, with our eyes closed. C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a free game that definitely won’t let us down.

CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars review

to the moon for androidTo The Moon Review.

Now, the next game we wrote an article on not too long ago. To The Moon for Android is a game with a trajectory behind it; it first came out in 2011 for PCs, and won the GameSpot award to the best story of that year.

Now To The Moon is available for Android, and offers us a story worthy of praise, and that might even make us cry. We recommend you to read the full article here. We simply had to mention this one on this top best Android games May 2017.

to the moon for android

Guardians of The Galaxy TTG for androidGuardians of The Galaxy TTG Review.

There is no more to say. The second part of Guardians of the Galaxy was finally released, and, of course, they had to make it a game. Marvel wastes no time and will make money out of whatever it can. However, this game does look genuinely fun; in fact, reviews seem to indicate it’s actually good.

This game offers a new story about the universe’s strangest heroes. Yeah, the band of bandits you know and like so much: Star-Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot. This five-part episodic series puts you in super Star-Lord boots in an original adventure from the known Guardians of the Galaxy.

The guardians discover an artifact with great power, and each of them has a reason to want this relic. The problem is they have a ruthless enemy, the last of its kind, and who will not be stopped until he gets what he wants.

With this installment, we conclude our top best Android games May 2017. These games are fairly recent and still have a few errors on some devices, but we recommend you to try these adventures if they work out for you. You wouldn’t regret it.

Guardians of The Galaxy TTG review



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