Best Android file manager Solid Explorer

Files administrators are one of the most used apps. Many of the modern devices already have a predetermined file manager, but this tends to be pretty limited regarding certain matters. We can find some on Google Play, but among all the existent programs we can find, one stands out over the other, and that’s the Solid Explorer.

Doubtlessly, one of Android’s greatest advantages in front of other systems is that though this kind of tools, we can access to all the files and folders on our mobile device without plugging it in to a computer. It hasn’t been an easy task to pick the best file administrators for Android, given that the offer is pretty big and high-qualified.

In the past we might have heard from, and even might have used the ES File Manager; for a time, the ES File Manager was the best, but its title was completely taken away  by this new app that entered the market very quickly, and it was the Solid Explorer, currently the best file manager.

Solid Explorer File manager Review

Solid explorer preview

Solid Explorer grows rapidly in regards of popularity; you don’t really have to be exactly a genius to realize why it is that. You have to consider its great design, which is pretty easy to use. It’s one of the most complete explorers on the current app market. We have in this app cloud support, root access, FTP service client, WebDAV, home screen navigation, Chromecast support. We can also say that if you want to spare yourself the annoyance of using one complicated file manager but have the same benefits you could get from them, Solid Explorer is your program.

It is important to remember all interested users that this explorer isn’t free. It has a trial period, during which you’ll be able to learn how convenient it is to your need, but after they trial, you must pay a low price to keep using it. Our sincerest opinion is that you should acquire this app.

If you’re looking for a powerful, comfortable file administrator that fit less experienced users, this is definitely your app. It is really powerful on tablets and it saves us time since it has an interesting sample of 2 panels with which just by dragging, you’ll be able to move files from one place to another.