Best android apps to learn languages

New technologies offer huge features to people, from doing business via the Internet to studying and learning new languages. Mobile phones with Android allow users to always carry their apps to learn any language, anywhere.

This is our top of the best apps to study and learn other languages. As we always recommend, you should try several and choose the one that best meets our needs.


Duolingo Preview

Undoubtedly Duolingo is one of the best Android apps to learn languages. It focuses on learning English, French and Portuguese through free courses. Duolingo is 100% free, with no extra charges, no subscriptions, no advertisements. Long story short, it offers a high quality education at no cost.

This app is also very instructive: You can advance to complete units, you lose your lives if your answers are wrong, you gain points and level up like in a game. The creators of the app are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of their methods to improyve your learning experience.
The million of users of Duolingo place the app among the best ones to learn languages using your Android.



busuu preview

Busuu allows to learn a lot of languages just with your Android. You can learn Spanish, French,
Italian, German, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Chinese or English in an easy, fun and practical way with a community of over 40 million native speakers.

With this app you can learn keywords and phrases and practice what you have learned with native speakers. There are more than 150 topics everyday with more than 3,000 words and phrases. Also, there are quality courses based on CEFR, a recognized framework for language learning and linguistic comments by native speakers.

In addition, you can acess to listening, reading, writing and speaking practices. Some of the main features which it offers are the learning of basic concepts, vocabulary, grammar, dialogues and interactive tests.



voxy preview

Voxy is an Android app focused solely on the teaching of english language. It helps to the students so they can get ready for exams like the TOEFL. Voxy lessons suit your needs because they are based on your level, goals and interests. The app has native tutors available for private sessions when you want to improve your pronunciation and learn faster.

Among its features it highlights that the content of the lessons is updated daily so that issues are relevant to your real life.

Voxy works on your computer, tablet and mobile: your progress is synchronized on all your devices so you can learn anywhere, anytime. It also allows study with daily news of the main media in English, which will provide more dynamic information to your life.

Long story short, Voxy it is another great Android app to learn english. Anyway, you need to try several apps to learn languages until you get the one you feel most confortable with. If you know about other apps of this kind, let us know!