The best Android apps for Students

Top best Android apps for Students 2017

best Android apps for StudentsScribd Review.

The Reviewdapps team knows students need to read books to complement their studies in addition for relaxing a while. For those who need to read many books, or those who want to relax in their spare time, Scribd is a great solution. That’s why we opened this top best Android apps for Students with it.

The app has more than half a million ebooks available you can read on your smartphone, PC or wherever you want. Besides that, if you are in class and can’t focus on your reading, you can also pick an audiobook from the 30,000 available. Scribd offers a month free trial so you can try it out; after that period, if you decide to keep using, you’ll be charged $8.99 per month. That’s really worth it for a good app with millions of downloads and a 4.3 score on the Play Store.

Scribd review

Studious Review.

This app, unlike the previous one, it does come as a full helping app for classes. It’s intended to be a useful app in every way, and hell it is. With a lot of useful features and a simple, well-developed interface, Studious earns its deserved place in this top best Android apps for Students.

Studious is an app made for any student to be able to organize themselves in the best possible way. With it, you can set your mobile to get silent automatically when you get into classes. You can also schedule when your assignments are due, and when you have tests. You can even record when and which classes you have during the week.

studious review

EverNote for androidEverNote Review.

All students must have a good note taking app; that’s why we’ll mention in this list of best Android apps for Students what we consider is the best app for taking notes: Evernote.

EverNote is a very versatile app that works as storage for your documents, tasks Manager and for the creation of very complete notes. It allows you to create to-do lists, add reminders, attach images or documents and even record voice notes. That’s quite handy if you don’t have time to take a pen and write things down.

The most outstanding about this app is its fresh, neat interface with basic, well positioned features to add notes, capture, show notes, show notes according to their labels, show the grouped notes in notebooks and search.

EverNote review

Timetable for androidTimetable Review.

When it comes to organizing and scheduling as a student, this app is the best option. It boasts a great number of features that pay (and quite pricey) apps don’t offer; moreover, a very attractive interface, something most apps this kind on the Google Play lack.

Managing your schedule is quite simple with this app; it’ll be enough to just enter the app, tap on the card that corresponds and fill in the fields. In addition, we can add several days to a course in one go, details about the subject in particular, the name of the teacher in particular and more so we won’t miss any detail.

Timetable is ultimately our secret weapon to fix our schedules and it’s very useful whether you are a teacher or a student. It’s definitely one of the best Android apps for Students.

Timetable review

RealCalc Scientific Calculator for androidRealCalc Scientific Calculator Review.

We couldn’t skip in the top best Android apps for Stundents any app calculator that’s powerful. Because sometimes, we can forget to take ours or simply don’t own one. This calculator app is also one of most powerful scientific calculators in the Play Store. Considering all the things it can offer, it has nothing to envy any other app.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator is a great help to avoid having to buy a scientific calculator when you left it at home, or when it’s broken. It has the same functions as a Casio or any other calculator. The only difference is you’ll be using it on your Android mobile.

With more than 40 million downloads in the Play Store and a 4.5 score, we are talking about one of the best Calculators of app store. We can recommend it with our eyes closed.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator review

Anydo for Review.

Finally, an essential to close this list, one of the best apps on the market. With more than 50 million downloads and a 4.5 score, gets the honor to be the last one on the list. A calendar to assemble that could take the title of one of the best in existence.

One of the best tools to build task lists, that’s Any.Do. The app has a clean and user-friendly design; you can upload files, add reminders, recurring tasks, do a daily planning and share or delegate everything necessary, which will be great for when you need to work as a team. Although this app has a paid version, the free is more than enough for any student. Otherwise, Any.Do is cross-platform, so you can use it on Android and other operating systems.

Any do review



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