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We all have hear of those typical dating apps as it would be the famous Tinder, but there is another group of lesser known apps with which your will be able to avoid so many things and go straight to the point: having sex. This list we will give you will include the best apps for having sex and flirting with ease.

There are times when you just want to have other kind of relationships, let’s call them sporadic and without compromise. Well, if this is your case, if what you really want is to find someone else with which you only want to have sex, we’ll introduce you to the hottest apps and for easy sex. With them, you can try to give the drought a quick end.

Over the years, these Android apps have been well received and are increasingly popular. But what are the best apps for having sex and maybe something more?

Below, you can find a list with the best apps to have intimate relationships.

The best apps for no strings sex

Pure Review

An Android app that could also have been called Sincerity or Honesty, since its very essence is very straightforward and frank, but also very impure. If what you want is to have sex blatantly (let’s say you’re just going to have to pay for a dinner or start a conversation because of a mere protocol and not other kind of preliminaries), this is your app. In fact, Pure even allows its users to set an adventure at a concrete time, in a particular place. At your place or mine? Download Pure Android.

feeld dating reviewFeeld Dating Review

This app is the hottest and most rampant variant of Tinder, since what it proposes is to meet people to make a trio with. Just like that; so, if you are single, you can stumble on couples open to a new experience, although it is also possible that you stumble on a lively single if, on the contrary, you and your partner are looking for a way to revolutionize your bed performance. Download Feeld Dating for Android.


Ashley Madison Review

You have surely heard this name; we can’t blame you, since it is a well-known dating websitevfor married people. As it could not be otherwise, it has its own mobile app. And with it, it is possible to find married and experienced people who want to cheat on their partner (it is what it is), since it is unlikely that your intentions are just to find someone to simply talk to. Download Ashley Madison for Android.


Grindr Review

Grindr is a bit different app, but that was necessary for people with particular sexual tastes. Grindr app offers you the possibility to meet people of your same gender. It is the ideal app to surround ourselves and find other gay people, and arrange to meet with them. It allows you to arrange a meeting and even include the role you prefer in bed in the description. Did you want something easy and in accordance to your taste? With Grindr, you’ll get it. Download Grindr for Android.

POF Review

Plenty of Fish is an app for flirting and, according to some users, is one of the best websites for sporadic intercourse. It is used more in Anglo-Saxon a countries as, for example, the United States. However, it is also used in the rest of the world, only in smaller amounts. POF for Android download

Tinder Review

Tinder is currently one of the most used dating Android apps. It is largely used all over the world, and we all know that with Tinder, dates often end up in more than a simple meetup. With Tinder, you can know who is near you; pictures of your possible prospects show up on the screen, and you can reject, like or reward that person with a “super like”. When you send this last option, the person will know you’ve liked them because your profile will show up on theirs. With Tinder, it will be easy to come up with something intimate, although you can also meet people who aren’t looking for anything like that. So, take care of your profile and make things clear if that is what you are looking for.

This app has two versions: a free one and a paid one called Tinder Plus, which allows you to, among many other options, send more “super likes”. With Tinder app, finding sex is easy because many users are aiming for the same when joining the network. Download Tinder for Android.

Localsin Review

It is an app with which you can get what you want: having sex. It has a radar for localizing possible candidates to up 10 km away. Users already know that meetups arranged through this network are not exactly for drinking coffee, but to get to the point. Download Localsin for Android.



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