Best Android apps for learning maths

Top best android apps for learning maths 2017

best android apps for learning mathsMath Dictionary Review.

In this app, Math Dictionary, you’ll have at your disposal a complete dictionary where you’ll be able to find everything you need to expand your mathematical knowledge. It has a search engine able to do a research as you write, with a complete and up-to-date math guide; Math Dictionary possesses one of the largest database you could find in any other app. It is also important to mention that you can also add new terms to this mathematical dictionary so you never forget them. A classic of math apps for Android that’s just perfect to start this top best Android apps for learning maths.

top best android apps for learning maths 2017

Math Tricks for androidMath Tricks Review.

We have all been taught how to calculate and solve mathematical problems in a concrete way. It is possible, if you have children or nephews, that you find small differences between the methods that you were taught and those the new generation is being taught.

As always, there are several ways to reach the same places; mathematics is not an exception. Math Tricks offers you different ways to get to the same place, whether you have to add, subtract, multiply, divide, calculate multiples or solve roots.

The purpose of Math Tricks is to calculate as soon as possible, following methods different from what you learned in school, but still achieving the same objective without making a single mistake. Offers step by step explanations, examples and exercises for practice.

Math Tricks review

Photomath for androidPhotomath Review.

It is possible to use your phone to take pictures of the board if you didn’t get to write down notes. If you’re having trouble with your math lately, then it is vital to remember everything the teacher wrote on class.

Being that the case, you can also use your smartphone to help you solve an equation. Photomath recognizes images and focus with the camera, captures a formula and solves the problem. Now, in case it won’t recognize it, you can always write it by hand.

The purpose of Photomath is not just to solve problems for you, but also to explain the process followed to do so. It works preety well with arithmetic, integrals, fractions, equations and logarithms, derivatives and integrals.

It’s definitely the app those students who spent hours and hours of torturous suffering with mathematics always dreamt about.

Photomath review

MyScript Calculator for androidMyScript Calculator Review.

With MyScript Calculator, rather than taking pictures, you write down with your fingers on your Android device; it will become some sort of virtual whiteboard.

MyScript Calculator app transforms your strokes and solves them directly.

Basic and complex operations, exponentials, trigonometry, logarithms, etc. MyScript Calculator gives traditional calculators an interesting twist. An app with enough power when talking about apps for leaning maths for Android. With a score of 4.5, it is very welcome at this top best Android apps for learning maths.

In Reviewdapps, we recommend it especially for primary school pupils. Since it is an interactive whiteboard, it won’r be as easy for students to get bored of mathematics; in addition, with the repetitive act of writing the number over and over again with your fingers, you can get to memorize these.

MyScript Calculator review

Geogebra Review.

For many users, this is the best math app for Android we can find in the entire ecosystem of Android apps in the Play Store. Geogebra is very powerful; professionals in the acamedic enviroment of all the materials derived from the mathematical world use this.

It is a free math app for all educational levels. Complete, simple and powerful, the Geogebra app dynamically brings together arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculus. Even probability resources and statistics in a single unique set as simple on an operational level as powerful. It’s been on the Play Store for long enough to enter the top as one of the best Android apps for learning maths with an honorific mention.

Geogebra review

Math Studio for androidMath Studio Review.

This app is quite recent and little known on the app market; that’s why we want to encourage its use here on Reviewdapps. For us, this is possiblyone of the most powerful app in this field.

The app is paid, but has a fair value of $3, which is really worth it. You would be paying only because you’ll have a machine to solve exercises as few can out there.

It solves almost anything; Defined and undefined, integrals, limits, matrices, gradients, 2D, 3D graphics, among other things. With this app, your limits are very few. For this reason, we make Math Studio our fair final recommendation to close this top best Android apps for learning maths . A 4.8 score assures us its quality.

Math Studio review


These are just some of the most popular Android apps for learning maths and the best Android apps for learning maths. Regardless, we know there are many, many more apps in this field. So, leave your suggestion in the comments so we can test them and include them in next top in the near future.



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