Best Android apps for pet lovers

Top best Android apps for pet lovers 2017

best Android apps for pet loversYummypets Review.

Imagine a social network where you can share pictures of your pet. You think it’s so beautiful, so you do want to do that: to show other people and see what they think. In the process, you’ll also get to see theirs as well. Sounds pretty neat, right? That is what Yummypets is like.
With this app, you’ll be able to do many more things. From registering your pet, uploading its best photos and characteristics, to interacting with other members through a chat. Then you’ll be able to exchange opinions and tips with other animal lovers and make new friends. You’ll get notifications when someone replies to your pet’s profile via email. It’s free, and only available for Android.
This is the biggest social network app for pets among all Android apps. We thought many would love this, so we have decided to open this top best Android apps for pet lovers with it.

Yummypets review

fitbark for androidFitBark Review.

Heading out for a walk and exercising is a very healthy activity many put into practice. Also, lots of people consider it is even when doing it with their dogs; it should be healthy and de-stressing for both. So they do it. To have control over this,FitBark was created: an app you cannot miss if you have this habit.
History of all the walks, distance traveled and time, how much you’ve walked with your pet. The app will recommend exercises, too. You’ll be able to share your walks on Facebook and explore new recommended routes. The app is completely free and you can find it on the Play Store. For dog lovers, FitBark is a must-have; that’s why it enters the top best Android apps for pet lovers.

fitbark review

Pet First Aid for androidPet First Aid Review.

An excellent app no owner who really loves their pet or has any with medical issues can miss.
Designed by the American Red Cross, Pet First Aid will help us treat our pets in different scenarios or problems. W

ith this purpose, it’ll give us a large amount of information that comes in text, video and images, to help us assist with first aids whatever problem our pet is presenting at the moment; from simple injuries like cuts, to more serious medical problems more, such as seizures.
The app also allows you to create a file with all the necessary information you should have at hand; our pet’s vet’s phone number, our pet’s medication, at what it should take it and data needed to locate in cases of loss. The app isn’t free, but has a very low price.

Pet First Aid review

Bark Cam for androidBark Cam Review.

How many times haven’t we found ourselves in the complicated situation of wanting to take a picture of our canine, but having that this won’t leave us. It’s as if they were scared of the camera and avoided it at all costs! Well, with Bark Cam, that problem has been solved. With this effective app, you’ll get the best pictures of your dog.
Having that it was one of the first apps among Android apps made with this purpose, it couldn’t be left out the list of the best Android apps for pet lovers.
How does Bark Cam work? Simple. This plays funny sounds that will draw our fluffy friend’s attention; so, when in that exact moment he turns around to see the phone, from which the sounds come from, you’ll be able to get that perfect picture you always dreamed of.

Bark Cam review

Pet Master Pro for androidPet Master Pro Review.

We all need to have a control; a pretty strict, rigorous medical control. This is something that does not involve humans only; it also includes pets. Pet Master Pro is an app that will help you keep track this task, even if you’re a forgetful person when it comes to these things.
With this app, you can have perfectly booked all veterinary appointments, legal documents, all the medical history and registration data, foods that hurt or cause your pet allergies. For a small price that barely exceeds $3, it’s an app that’s really worth it if your pet has medical issues you must remember and happen to be a forgetful owner. A perfect app to take care of our pets and keep up to date with them to close this top best Android apps for pet lovers.

pet master app review

These are some of our recommendations for people who have a hairy (or sometimes, feathery) friend they love. On Reviewdapps, we also love pets. That’s why we dedicate them this top best Android apps for pet lovers.
If you use some other very useful app, share it in the comments so anyone who has a pet can see it and use it, too.



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