Best android apps to flirt

Apps which make easier to meet people allow to contact with other people to flirt. There are all kinds of applications to flirt and every one is for a different audience. These details needs to be considered before you register for one of these apps to flirt.

At this point of your life, you surely know about at least one of the best apps to flirt that there are out there for mobile devices. Naturally, we refer to typical applications such as Tinder, Lovoo … but there are many more than you need to know about and that is why we wanted to summarize them in a list with details.


Tinder preview

Tinder is the application to flirt by reference when relationships are concerned. The main feature of Tinder is that its operation is very simple. This app shows photos to link users and we must decide whether we like it or not. This makes us realize that the image is the most important part of the profile.
In addition, you can now integrate Instagram to enhance the profile and narrow the search filter accord to distance (up to 150 km)… If both persons press like, they will start chatting privately.



Happn preview

Happn is one of the most used applications to flirt nowadays. Its number of users is growing up every day lately and all because of its particular system. Happn differs from other apps to flirt due to it tracks the location and then display on the screen all the people with whom you have crossed the street. If two users like each other, they may start chatting, if not, the other will never know.



Grindr Preview

Grindr is an application designed for the gay community. Grindr allows uploading photos and chatting with the guys and girls who are using it near the location where you are. Grindr already has more than 7 million users in over 190 countries around the world, which makes us see the success it has had. Grindr has two versions, one is the basic one and the other, the premium, is payment one, also known as Xtra, which has more options and much better functionality.



Groopify preview

Groopify is an app that is not focused on flirting. It focuses on connecting people who have common interests, but once connected, you never know how it will end.


Adopt a guy

Adopt a guy preview

Adopt a guy is a social network to flirt in which the woman is who has the power. Men are targeted and appear in a market. The women is who decide whether to “put them in the basket or not.” Adopt a guy allows to do a search filter by criteria, tastes, interests… Women can even search they favorite kind of men by words such as “modern”, “athlete”, “hipster”… Men have to pay and sometimes they can not Access to the appbecause t there are too many connected men.