The best Android apps for cat lovers

Top best Android apps for cat lovers 2017

best Android apps for cat loversNyan Cat: Lost in Space Review.

Internet was invented by humans, but it is cat’s territory. Nyan Cat is possibly the clearest example of that. A 8-bit cat with a Pop-Tarts body that leaves a rainbow trail behind it had become a phenomenon in all social networks and the internet in general. Of course, the cat has its own game for Android and has become the representative of felines on the internet. The objective of the game is simple; we have to help him find the way home after getting lost in one of his interstellar travels.

Because of its excellent 4.5 score and more than 30 million downloads, it would be a crime to not start this top best Android apps for cat lovers with the famous Nyan Cat game.

Nyan Cat Lost in Space Review

Stalker Cat Live for AndroidStalker Cat Live Review.

If you’re a cat lover, you will surely want to have a wallpaper of cat on your smartphone. The background this app proposes is different from everything you know; it’s a black cat that changes position randomly every time you unlock phone.

It will show up where you expect it the less, peeking through the edges of the screen or winking at you from the center of your phone. The dark background gives it a spectacular look.

It has a very nice, minimalist design. The cat has hypnotic eyes and a very expressive look that will change even if we don’t notice their presence. The app is completely free when it’s the black kitten; if you want it in other colors, you have to pay.

Stalker Cat Live review

ultimate cat simulator for androidUltimate Cat Simulator Review.

An app that couldn’t be missing from the repertoire of best Android apps for cat lovers. A cat simulator; yeah, a simulator for what being a cat is like.

I’m sure many cat owners have fantasized about being a kitty sometime, to have humans pet them whenever they walk by despite ignoring them, be able to eat anywhere and knock things down. Well, this app is the answer for them.

A simple cat simulator with excellent graphics and a multiplayer mode. The idea is that you feel like a real cat: play, explore and visit different gardens. The game will bring many challenges; besides from that, you can dress up and customize your character to your liking.

ultimate Cat Simulator review

Cat War 2 for androidCat War 2 Review.

The eternal battle between cats and dogs is reflected in Cat War 2, a tower defense game where we, of course, will fight by the side of cats to defend their kingdom from the dogs.

During the battle, we’ll have three groups of cats; they get essential resources essential to call the others, those who fight in the battlefield. Then, the heroes: powerful cats with special abilities. Use wisely your resources and defeat the dogs and their strength to get gems, with which we can improve our troops and win more difficult battles.

This game is free but contains in-app purchases. It has a solid 4.5 score and a reputation among Android apps; this is the best Android apps for cat lovers.

Cat War 2 review

Chunky Cat for androidChunky Cat Review.

The classic platform runner was a mandatory mention because it’s a genre that’s dominated Android games since its inception. Chunky Cat is a fun game under this genre.

Stray cats are very hungry. So, in Chunky Cat, we have to consume all the calories we can in the platform runner.

A chubby stray cat makes its round through the city looking for anything to fill his stomach with: fish bones, rats or pigeons. But it won’t be that easy; rooftops are dangerous because we can fall off or find enemies likes dogs, other cats, or bats. Tap on the screen to make the cat jump to the food or on the top of the enemies.

Chunky Cat app review

PolitiCats for androidPolitiCats Review.

To close this top best Android apps for cat lovers, we must mention what we think on Reviewdapps is one of the most remarkable games in the Play Store ecosystem. It’s a game worth as a last mention, with a 4.7 score that speaks for itself; really fun and addictive.

PolitiCats is a game about skill. That means, all you have to do is tap multiple times to progress in the game. You can improve your taps to improve these even more: basically, what you have to do is to get votes and win the elections. It’s pretty fun.

The game is based on quite polished, fluid 2D graphics; that’s in part what makes the game so quite striking and beautiful. We will have a lot of kittens to choose from according to our liking.

The game is free but does contain in-app purchases.

PolitiCats review




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