Best 10 Free Android Games 2016

These are some of the best android games chosen by the public for this 2016. I can promess there are games of all colors and shapes and you will find yourself with hours of infinite fun with them.

1- Pixel Dungeon
2- Quadropus Rampage
3- Super Stickman Golf 2
4- Plague Inc
5- Swordigo
6- Asphalt 8
7- Dead Ahead
8- Triple Town
9- Cross Road
10- Plants Vs Zombies 2

Pixel Dungeon

Funny game “roguelike” with pixel graphics. The game is in Beta yet, but is entirely playable. It has 15 levels available, and a simple game mechanics typical of rogue likes, level up, eliminate enemies, collect “loot”, survive, and continue down floor after floor.


Quadropus Rampage

His Excellency action / RPG on your quest to defeat Pete, an octopus who brought chaos to the deep seas. Definitely one of my favorites of the year!


Super Stickman Golf 2

A game of Golf and dimensional. Super Stickman Golf 2 gives us hours of fun, totally crazy golf courses, and a huge number different levels and skills we can acquire. A must try!


Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a game with a rather chilling premise: we are in charge of developing an infection, distributed in a country and go evolving it to fulfill the ultimate goal, eliminate every living thing on Earth. The game offers a pretty funny mechanics of evolution (we are improving our virus to make it more lethal, more infectious, etc.), along with interesting planning to prevent countries begin to close their borders too soon and of course avoiding contagion. It is a perfect mobile game; with short and quick games, but with almost infinite replay ability.



I must say I am surprised that Swordigo is free. Still amazing that the game is free of ads and IAPS. Swordigo is one of the best games of action / adventure I’ve played on mobile so far, capturing well the essence of adventure and fun, in a fairly complete package. Oh sure, it won’t give us the best graphics, but believe me, it is one of the funniest games you will find. And yes, I assure you will have hours of fun.


Asphalt 8

Gameloft is practically dominating the game genre cars. While EA offers a pretty poor experience with Real Racing, where we have to sometimes wait hours to play, with GT Racing 2 you can have an excellent simulator and Asphalt 8, provides an excellent arcade game cars. Safety pick.


Dead Ahead

Dead Ahead it is one of the best Endless Runners exist for iOS, and has finally made the leap to Android. Dead Ahead, we are in control of a character who tries desperately to escape zombies. To do this, we have a motorcycle and weapons that can be updated over time. The game gets an almost perfect balance between fun time updates and balance, so that you will be hooked for hours.


Triple Town

Addicting and extremely fun. It is a puzzle game where we try to create the largest city. The larger, more points you will win. And all this is achieved using a mechanical “match 3” as in the world famous Bejeweled. Three Bushes, for example, make a tree, three trees, a house, three houses, etc. Try it, and I bet you can not leave for quite some time.


Cross Road

The success of iOS finally arrives at Play Store! Crossy road is a highly addictive game that “remixes” Frogger formula, adding unlockable characters, excellent graphics, and addictive, simple gameplay. Install the game, and see that they stick with it for hours


Plants Vs Zombies 2

Another excellent game from PopCap, despite being free, able to live up to the original. One of the funniest games you will find on Android.