Beastie Bay: Addictive game similar to Pokemon

Beastie Bay is a game of Kairosoft, a popular company for its addictive titles for mobile phones management, in which elements of strategy, management and Japanese role combine to provide an experience halfway between SimCity and Pokemon.

It is a free and ad-supported title, but i must say they managed the ad appearance very well, as they don’t ever disturb the user experience and the game play.

The idea of ​​the game is very simple: you play as a kind of animal trainer who lives on a beach with your pet, and the goal is to discover the whole region around you to go capturing all the animals. You can also build a city as large as possible for all the animals you capture to live peacefully there.

The researches you made are very important to get new technology and you will be able to move to other islands and fix the problems you get there just to save the monsters and make that place habitable for tourists to come.

Beastie Bay Gameplay 1

Thus, the game is divided into two main parts. On one side is the management, where you will have to build houses and several kinds of buildings, so that our animals can live. On the other hand we have the phase of ‘role’, in which we can take our group of beasts to discover new areas, find treasures and fight against other beasts.

During the fighting it will be possible to capture the animals and enemies, always when they are weakened (as in Pokemon). So we can have a real commune of beasts of all kinds: cats, crabs, gorillas, stone golems, everything.

Beastie Bay Fighting

Beastie Bay is an RPG and management fun, you have all the ingredients to engage for hours and hours, something that could be called the ‘Kairosoft effect’ as they are very well known for their really addictive games.


The graphical area is not their strongest quality, but I must say that it is not the focus of the players here and the sound is very well adjust.

If you are a real fan of the old pokemon games, I guess you will find this android adventure game as adddicvite and nostalgic as I did. I really recommend you on playing it right now.