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Android Apps – BandLab: Cloud based Music Social Network

Music has a lot of relevance in most people’s daily life: some live off it, some just turn to it as a seldom pleasure. So, it’s no surprise that there are so many music related apps on the Google Play Store; from music players like Google Play Music or for searching music, like the useful SoundHound or Shazam, and even a music related social network like It seems like there’s just software after software, each one better and more useful than the last.
However, as there are many music related apps, they cover as well many different needs. People who simply limit themselves to just listening to music would simply need a music player and an app like Shazam. But people who make music would need more. Both music creators and lovers should have their needs satisfied, and that’s why apps like Songsterr and BandLab exist.

BandLab Features

bandlab app review

BandLab is quite a unique software, and a best buddy for most musicians. Better than anyone else, musicians know how fragile and fleeting ideas for a new tune can be; capturing them requires instant a quick commitment. In that, developers saw an uncovered need, and proceeded to create the cloud based platform.
The concept behind BandLab would be not only to help musicians and aspirant to artists rapidly catch those elusive notes, but also helps them saves those once they are done and have completed the idea, besides from joining all musicians together on a social network-like platform. And as you never know when inspiration is going to strike, BandLab is a software you can use on the go. Anywhere you head, anytime you want.

BandLab Review

This new free service combines cloud based storage and collaboration features, making it the perfect app for joining young artists together in a social network. It’s designed for users to record, develop and give shape (or sound) to whatever is on their mind; once they’re done with their creative process, users can save their tracks and turn them into multitrack projects.
An app this kind would normally abuse of your storage space, but as BandLab has a cloud based storage, you’ll never lose a single recording. Now you won’t have to worry anymore about losing a track because a lack of storage space.

BandLab Android music applications

In case your band have issues when it comes to rehearsals, BandLab can do something for you. As you can turn your simple tracks into a multitrack project with the Edit Mix, each member can something separately without damaging the original file. If anyone adds something or alters the track in any way, all of the collaborators will get a notification.
Now you don’t even need to meetup with other band member to create a new, hot song. You should, of course, but BandLab makes a lot of things easier; you could even collaborate with anyone in the world. Following a Twitter based concept, the app manages to easily get people attached to it; soon enough, you’ll start collaborating using the intuitive interface. The UI is easy.



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