Most Awaited Upcoming Smartphones of 2017

Best Upcoming Smartphone has been launched this 2017

This 2016 was a year of transition. A year almost without any innovative revolutions in the mobile market and, in fact, it was a year in which the market that gave signs of deceleration. Little impressive or new things have been seen besides from the improve of certain phone specifications since 2015

In 2016, users have pronounced themselves in regards to what they want in matter of design and others of the new smartphones, since they weren’t satisfied with what came out in the recent past. Even more accessible phones left behind plastic covers and replaced them with metal or glass; this year, when it comes to this matter, are expected phones with more creative designs using materials such as ceramics.


Last year also showed that users will not tolerate anymore the shortage of storage: 16 GB versions have been left behind. It is possible that in 2017 another leap will be given so that 64 GB become the new standard. And that’s what we are going to see according to all rumors that have been spreading about new smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8

Users have their eyes on these upcoming new models that will arise, as the failure Samsung  had last year with the Galaxy Note 7 and its famous case of explosive batteries has caused great mistrust in consumers when it comes to these products. This is why, Samsung especially, but in general, all brands should be more careful when it comes to launching new smartphone in 2017.

So we’ll leave this list with the most expected upcoming smartphones of 2017. Most of them are Androids; so the most expected Androids Smartphones in 2017.

Best new phones 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, Samsung needs to get the Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge to help the brand get back in track and give it back its glory. The next model will not have 3.5 mm jack ports and will incorporate the Force Touch technology in their curved screens, which will be bigger, of 5.7 and 6.2 inches with a 4 K resolution.

Here we’ll leave a link to a post about all the leaked information you gotta know about the Samsung Galaxy S8


iPhone 8

2017 will be the iPhone’s tenth anniversary, so it is expected a great renewal. It is rumored that Apple phones will change its glass and metal framework for a design based on crystal; it will also have a OLED screen, and the home button will be replaced with a device to identify the digital fingerprint, according to rumors.

The return of Nokia

It is expected that the traditional brand returns with two new phones at the beginning of 2017: both will use Android and will be manufactured in China, but with the design and spirit of the Finnish company. The idea is to resurrect its old mobile as the robustness and simplicity capabilities. That’s why the new Nokia Android 2017 is what generates the most expectations among users.

Huawei P10


The Huawei brand has managed to consolidate a solid position as the third top selling smartphone at a global
level, only under brands as Samsung, who have the first place and Apple are those who follow Samsung and are the best selling Smartphone of time. Huawei P9 was a total success in sales and people expect that Huawei P10 repeats that same success that its predecessor had.




The LG G6 had generated lots of anxiety and expectation because of the ambitious project that at a start LG G6 manufacturers proposed of the first modular Smartphone. But recently disappointment has invaded many people since LG has regretted this and said that the company would abandon the idea. However, the hype continues and there are still expectations and the waiting, although less anxious, continues there.


Google Pixel


We must point out that Google was in the last 2016 a surprise for everyone. Pixel and Pixel XL turned out to be the big surprise of 2016: the first phones that Google has ever really made completely for themselves.  For October 2017, a second generation with enhanced performance and camera upgrade is expected. And, with a year of experience and a new virtual improved assistant, things seem to be promising. Google has made us get used to good quality and this is not the exception; a lot is expected of them.

Sony Xperia

The Sony Xperia isn’t a brand with too much presence anywhere in the world. But Sony has made us get used to a good quality and good prices with their Sony Xperia gamut. The 2017 line will give one step further towards refinement, driven by the latest chip from Qualcomm, with Sony’s attention to detail and design.



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