AutoRap: turns your speech into rap

If you can talk, you can rap with AutoRap by Smule

There’s people that’s into rapping who doesn’t have the right voice, or who just can’t develop the necessary skill correctly; for them, Smule has designed an innovative app to help with the little inconvenient and not let it spoil your day.

AutoRap by Smule app is a somewhat special music app: it could work as a karaoke machine, if you’d like to, but what it actually does is turning everything you say into rap – all you have to do is record yourself or someone else talking, saying what you’d like to rap, and then the app turns the speech into a rap song.

AutoRap Features


However, AutoRap app has two modes: one is Talk Mode, where the app matches syllables to song tunes, and that’s how you get your own perfectly rapped song, and the other one would be Rap Mode, where the app automatically corrects anything you say, any kind of mistake you made during your speech, and turns it once again into a perfectly rapped song as it plays the record back. That means rapper rookies can also make AutoRap work for them and improve as they are still learning; so, if you ever wanted to make an incursion into rapping but never dared to do so fearing you’d do terribly, maybe this app will encourage you take the next step and actually try a new hobby. You could even get to be good at it.

Or at least convince people that you are. Once you’re done with your masterpiece, you can share it on your social media or through other services, but you can try from Facebook and Twitter to email and Bluetooth, so that you can let other people hear your talent. Or to prove yourself your cleverness.

AutoRap app Review

autorap by smule

But you get limited chances to do this for free: you get two beats for free, so if you want different beats to tune your songs, you gotta purchase them; these can be songs by many different artists, from Nicki Minaj to Eminem. Also, at first, you get 20 freestyle beats, but once you’re out of them, you’ll have to purchase more. However, at least, you can download it for free from the Play Store, We’ll leave a link down below, if you wanna try AutoRap by Smule out.




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