Asphalt Street Storm Racing: Gameloft’s latest racing title.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Review For Android

We are seeing how these days there are lots of mobile games coming out. Of which, we think, will have a major impact on what’s left of the year. Yesterday, we were introduced to the new game by the Clash Royale’s creators, Brawl Stars; this morning, we met Angry Birds’ newest installment. So it’s been a quite important time for the gaming industry for Android. And, of course, we’ll be soon bringing you news of all of these games.

Gameloft presents us with a new game from the popular series Asphalt. This time, we have a title that’ll take us to urban circuits in cities from all around the world. After Asphalt Xtreme and its rally races, we now get Asphalt Street Storm Racing and the popular speed up races with supercars. All games from the Asphalt saga deserve their recognition and a mention, as they are simply incredible.

If you like car games and were looking for new circuits to skid on, we have good news for you. Asphalt franchise’s latest installment finally hit the Play Store; the saga has been around for many years already but still keeps that touch that combines good graphics, high-end cars and a very good gameplay. Always adding, of course, the touch of in-app purchases that’ll allow us to move forward faster in Asphalt Street Storm Racing for Android.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Features

Asphalt Street Storm Racing review android

The latest edition of the Asphalt saga puts us in the shoes of a street races pilot, in some of the most emblematic and glamorous places on the planet. Of course, Asphalt Street Storm Racing will be starring some of the best and most famous cars available nowadays.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing doesn’t follow the same game style as Asphalt 8. We have races in a straight line in which we will have to learn on the fly to speed up, stop, and change gears. We are before an amazing title that could soon be among the most respectable racing games for Android to exist.

There is also a multiplayer mode in which we’ll be in races with up to 4 cars, with friends or simply other people. We’ll have in-app purchases that will allow us to improve the car slowly; both in an external aspect of customization as to improve the car itself, speaking of performance and power.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Review

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Graphics are one of the strong points of this game, as Gameloft usually does with other editions of this saga. On the other hand, controls remain intact compared to the rest of the Asphalts.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing is a free game that can already be downloaded from the Google Play Store. However, in order to unlock any of the game’s elements, you’ll need to get some of the in-app purchases. Although if these are not binding, they’d make our game experience more enjoyable and easy.

This game will have different maps in only three different cities: New York, Paris and Hong Kong. We don’t know what impact this game will leave on users. We fear it is a much simpler than Asphalt 8 as it’s not a circuit; it’s a straight line and the race will always be decided by details. It is still too early to say anything on this regard, whether it will be a fail or a resounding success. But what we do know is that Gameloft has gotten us used to high-quality games. And so far, Asphalt Street Storm Racing does not seem to be the exception.

It’s also important to make clear that user’s first impressions hasn’t been the most pleasant, but we do believe that, with time, as developers polish the game, this anger will go away.



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