The Arcslinger a VR experience now available on Daydream

the arcslinger android 2

With the recent implementation of the VR technology for Android, there has been some explosion of it in applications and games compatible with this system, one of which has stood out from the rest and called our attention.

It’s a game, a first person shooter that puts us in the role of a cowboy in a world full of action and danger, and thanks to the immersion that provides us the Daydream, we can enjoy of what seems like a great title. This is The Arcslinger we are talking about and we’ll tell you (kind of) what it is about.

The Arcslinger Features

the arcslinger android

The Arcsliger places you in the skin of a cowboy, in a world where many time, people have to take the law into their very own hands, and where law itself is only a small thing; they will be the only hope for many to face evil in the world.

You’re the assistant of a hero who owns a very powerful gun and who uses it to take justice and face the bad guys and a villain who wants to take over the biggest power in the world.

Set in a cartoonish West world, but full of technology (very advanced, by the way), so we can say it’s a retro futuristic world, with many stereotypes and marked influences of Hollywood’s westerns classics.

Gameplay is pretty good. Difficulty level can be a little easy for some, but it increases as you advance through levels. So far, The Arcslinger has 15 main levels and many sub arches to explore and get new items from.

The team has many great weapons; with different effects, they fill the arsenal, which you can change and improve along the game. The story can come across as simple.

The Arcslinger Review

the arcslinger android 3

The most remarkable thing and also the most important on this platform is the atmosphere, the art; although simple, it is very good, soundtrack that accompanies the rest tends to be very fitting. It gives us the full immersion of the senses, which is what people seeks with this VR platform.

So, you already know. If you have a Daydream, this is a very good option to spend some good time; the game is available on the Play Store, and has a small price tag. It costs a few dollars, but it is worth it because you get a good product and a good playing time, without counting on the fact that you get the chance to play it online. For sure, shooting fans will be fascinated.