Angry Birds Evolution: the latest in Rovio’s popular avian game series.

Angry Birds Evolution Review for Android

Creatives behind Rovio, responsible for the classic, fantastic saga of Android games, Angry Birds, apparently don’t run out of ideas to exploit the small universe of wars between small birds and evil pigs. There are already plenty of deliveries in the franchise; in fact, it’s not surprising that every now and then, there’s a new release. What’s strange in this case is the nature of this new installment. And everything hides in its name, as you’re about to know it.

The game, as we already know, is called Angry Birds Evolution, which, in the first instance, refers to the bird’s new ability to change; to, despite the redundancy, evolve and improve as time passes by. This way, we can face pigs that are every time more powerful. But we believe it also has a hidden meaning, since the evolution would also be a reference to a fundamental change in the game.

In regards to Angry Birds previous games, we can split them into 2 groups; the first would include the already many Slingshot series, and the second, all the other titles like racing games and so on. What happened, in our opinion, is that the company released new types of games, very different from the original, or simply made a new version of the classic. This pattern was wearing out little by little the app market, and we don’t want misunderstandings: Rovio deliveries are in general very good. It’s just that they’re fairly predictable, which can be a little tiring.

Angry Birds Evolution Features

Angry Birds Evolution features

And here is the evolution, a breath of fresh air they’re giving us with this new game for Android. The story is basically the same: pigs invade the island and want to take away the eggs, and the birds have to stop them. What’s new about it? In this sense, we’d like to say everything has changed, but managed to stay firm to the original.

It is a new way of seeing the never-ending war between birds and pigs. Forget the Slingshot, and pigs dying with the slightest touch. On here, we’ll have to earn our victory with hard work; however, the approach is the same. Place your birds and throw them at pigs, trying to finish them all. But now you also get damage during the game! And then, you must finish before your health bar is over.

Angry Birds Evolution Review

angry birds evolution for android

The game, besides from abandoning the Slingshot, also leaves behind the 2D world, and with the implementation of depth in the field, we think that possibilities in the design of levels, and the difficulty of the game, grows a lot.

Graphics are great, which was expected, coming from Rovio, just like the music and settings. There are up to 100 different birds to collect and to evolve, and enemies are varied as well. If that’s not enough to convince you, you should know there’s a PvP mode, too. Which, makes Angry Birds Evolution an even more desirable option, offering many levels with good difficulty.

We like Rovio’s newest game, Angry Birds Evolution. We also like Rovio’s improvements and their return to their roots with a new angle. Find it for free in the Play Store.



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