The Android games April 2017

Top Best Android games April 2017

We have taken the initiative to make a monthly top with the most popular Android games of that month, the most played and most downloaded.

Starting with April, since it’s about to end and has left us with a great selection of excellent games for Android. With a few legendary sagas as Mario Bros and many new ones that came to stay; that’s how it begins this top of the best Android games April 2017.

Super Mario Run for androidSuper Mario Run Review.

Nintendo arrived a little late to the party, but better late than never. They want to make smartphones one more platform for people to enjoy those titles from our childhood; now, to prove it, they’ve brought Super Mario Run, one of the best endless runner for Android of this new era. It should rather be cataloged as a perfect endless jumper to start with this top best Android games April.

In Super Mario Run for Android, the objective is clear. You have to go over the obstacles the level offers by jumping and grabbing objects that will come in handy. It is a game with a tap mechanics; we just have to tap on the screen with different pressure for different jumps. Classical objects as the little mushrooms and stars are present in the new installments. The graphics are perfect and the soundtrack, equally excellent.

The critics have been rough; they catalog Super Mario Run as boring, but we think classics like this are always worth it for fans of the saga. The game offers a free demo, after which you can decide whether to pay the $9.99 it costs, or not.

Super Mario Run review

Android games April 2017

Crash of cars for androidCrash of cars Review.

Next, a game for fans of cars and chaos: Crash of Cars. The name pretty much explains itself; so, if you like crazy car games, this is perfect for you because you’re going to have a great time. In addition, it is free, so you won’t spend a penny while trying it out. It has a notable 4.6 score, and basically, the goal is to collect as many crowns as you can before being destroyed.

Crash of Cars is a multiplayer death match is for Android, in which you must gather as many crowns as possible and avoid being destroyed while completely destroying the competition in this race for supremacy. One of the most fun PVP game for Android, with more than 30 cars to choose from and a large arsenal of weapons.

Crash of cars review

reporter lite for androidReporter lite Review.

The whole gamer community is excited about the recent release of Resident Evil 7, but Android gamers also have their own versions for horror games. And this is possibly the best horror game for Android: Reporter lite.

Reporter, you could say, is currently the best horror game in the Play Store. It puts us in the shoes of a man who has to investigate a series of events in a house with paranormal activity. What makes it one of the best Android games April 2017 is its suspense; we’ll only have a cell phone to light to wherever we go, which makes it even more terrifying. An experience not suitable for the fainhearted.

reporter lite review

N.O.V.A Legacy for androidN.O.V.A Legacy Review.

Veterans and connoisseurs of smartphone games already know this title. This game was first launched for Apple devices by 2009, but they had absolute rights over Gameloft game. It wasn’t until this year that it was finally released for Android, with a renewed, remastered version for us. N.O.V.A is a game that came to be one of the most memorable, best Android games of recent times.

N.O.V.A Legacy is a futuristic sci-fi first person shooter in which we belong to a human resistance against beings called the “Judges”; these want to exterminate the human race, and our target is to destroy them. The game was clearly inspired by Halo.

We can say that is a great freemium proposal for Android; it was one of the most highly expected titles more expected and it has now come to be the best Android games April 2017. It has a multiplayer mode, which is its strong point.

N.O.V.A Legacy android review

Age of Empires Castle Siege android reviewAge of Empires: Castle Siege Review.

Our number five was already released back in 2014 for Windows Phone, having achieved a notable reputation on this platform. That’s why they’ve brought it to us for Android so we can enjoy it. Because of its amazing quality, we’ve decided to conclude the top best Android games April 2017 with this installment. Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a game in which you have to build and defend your Empire in medieval times.

You can choose different civilizations, each of them will have different attack and defense options. First, you will build your Castle, then fortify its walls, and then train your army to conquer other empires. The game is free on the Google Play Store. Are you ready to lead an army?

Age of Empires Castle Siege for android

In this new series, the Reviewdapps will discuss every month what are the best games for Android that are released on the market every month. We hope you keep up with these series and give us feedback!



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