Android Auto: the traveler’s favorite android app

Google launched Android Auto a mere year and half ago in the Google I/o 2014. Google’s goal is to conquer a field where car makers fail to make the grade: the entertainment system of the vehicle.

Even though many call it the operating system of the car, it is in fact a projection of our mobile touch screen in the dashboard. The system is not independent without our terminal.

The platform was born as a way to integrate maps, search, music and phone services on the console of the car. So far, the manufacturer should be compatible with this technology, but Google has gone beyond and in one easy yet intelligent movement, presented Android Auto for cellphones. Indicating that from now on, Android users may use the services in any vehicle, thanks to their smartphones.

Android Auto features

Android Auto for Android

Until now, it was necessary to buy a compatible console or change cart. This, as we can see, is acting against the popularization of the service. However, starting from the next update, users can use the application in their mobile phone. Once the update is available, Android Auto can be used on any computer with 5.0 Android Lollipop, without needing it to be connected to the car.

With this, Google offers the possibility of using Android Auto independently of whatever car may the user have, a limitation that existed back then in the beginning and that actually represented an issue for its expansion, since users needed automotive and sound manufacturers to make up their minds about adapting them to the Android Auto app

To squeeze all of Android Auto’s potential, we need to match our mobile via Bluetooth with the car. Once it has been matched, it will automatically start running since the app can detect the car and start itself.

There’s still a lot to do for this app to turn into a differential experience, but it is true that it can be use without practically using the hands, as it is simply based on commands through Ok Google.

Android Auto 2.0, which is the first update, is the premise of an interface each time with the least amount possible of buttons, becoming friendlier for people ranging on the vehicle; many voice commands, large images, music, calls, and others things you can imagine.

Android Auto Review

Android Auto preview

Android auto 2.0, as it is connected to Google Maps and the internet at all times, shows us where we are at any moment; we can even ask it to show us the path to a specific place.

About the music, if we have other Spotify-styled applications installed on our devices, Android Auto will allow us to access it and use it to complement our experience with music while we drive.

With respect to notifications, Android Auto by Google responds very well to these; let’s say we got a message on Whatsapp. It will immediately notify us a big notification we can answer, silence, or tell it to play the message.

You will find Android Auto for free on the Play Store and then enjoy the application. You only need an Android 5.0 system, the most updated. Despite having some details as to the voice command still not providing all the functions we would like, which sometimes forces us to use hands s and this can have consequences on the road. However, the app is still recent. We hope its development will improve it.