Altos Adventure: Chase the llamas

We’ve been proved before a game does not need a complicated designs or mechanics to be a good game; simple apps have proved, in fact, to be in many cases much more successful, due to the experience it can offer thanks to its gameplay’s fluency or the graphic’s looks.

Android users are granted thousands of options; while browsing on the Play Store, they can find pleasant surprises. Altos Adventure is one of these unexpectedly simple marvelous apps

Packed with details in every element it is formed with, Altos Adventure app is a delight, considering not only the sound and visual finish, but the addictive factor that makes the user always come back for more.  The game is just a wonderful experience as a whole.

Altos Adventure Game features

Altos Adventure preview

This is platform game in which the player controls Alto; he is a peculiar rancher, but his llamas have escaped and he has to bring them back! So he grabs his snowboard and goes after them: sliding through the mountains, Alto’s only objective is to catch those evasive animals

However, you are not Alto, you just control him; in each level, players will have three mission they have to complete in order to gain points and get to the next level. While Alto is busy catching his dear llamas, other friends of his will join him in this exhausting search.

The game’s controls are pretty simple: Alto automatically glides on the snow, so you only have to tap every now and then to jump and avoid certain obstacles – if you see a rock, tap on it! If you see a cliff, just tap! Also, if you tap and hold while the character is in the air, it will be able to perform tricks and somersaults.

Just be careful, because if you don’t perform them correctly, Alto will fall and that’s game over.  And remember: as you progress, you’ll encounter different obstacles, and “enemies” are part of those. Run from them! Or they will make Alto fall again.

Altos Adventure Review

Altos Adventure android

Altos Adventure game most outstanding trait is its minimalistic, peculiar art design, all embellished with gorgeous lighting, amazing dynamic light effects that change with the presence of the sun or the moon in the background; astonishing dawns and rain will accompany Alto on his trajectory.

Due to this entire wonderful scenario, the game transmits its users a feeling of ease as they play. Alto’s Adventure’s visual beauty is just incomparable

You can download the game on your Android device for free from the Play Store; the only in-app purchase you will find is a boost, but that’s completely optional. So Alto’s Adventure is one great option if you want to try something new. Give a shot and have fun!