Airdroid 3: Take control of all your devices

AirDroid is an app that allows us to control our Android device through a web page.

AirDroid 3 and its possibilities

The application is already available on Google Play and download is free. As I have said, will enable us almost total control of our Android device from the web application, so that we can access from any platform.
Among other things, we can import and export files APK, manage SMS, files, photos and music and videos. But not everything is there, then we can edit contacts, see screenshots, control the camera, open URLs, share clipboard, etc.

As we can see, it is an application as complete, with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 and has over 10 million downloads.
Final version now available

UPDATE: The version we find in Google Play is version 3.0 of the application, which has been updated on December 3. It is update to date.

As expected, the change to version 3.0 is that it comes with great new features, among which the most important is the inclusion of many new features in native desktop clients for Windows and MAC:

Airdroid 3 modes

AirMirror: Android to remotely control and launching apps on the Android device from their own system notifications (which can receive on the desktop)

Encryption End-to-End: We have a security system so that we have end-to-end encryption for all messages, notifications, contacts and any sensitive data. This way we avoid that third parties (including the government itself and the developer) can access data they should not.

File transfer: Move files from your desktop to Android and vice versa. The same applies to folders. In addition, there will be backup in the cloud for 7 days for those files passed by remote connection.

Messaging: Allows you to receive and reply to SMS from the desktop, and send SMS to groups.

Call Alerts: We may see warnings that we are receiving calls and reject or accept them (but if we accept, we use the phone to speak during the call).

Contacts: We may see contacts and send SMS to the list of contatos
Notifications: As we can receive call notifications, we will receive notifications from any application.

Apart from all this, we have seen in this new version a redesign of the Android interface, so that we now have a more intuitive look and more pure Android (avoiding the iOS style).
With regard to web client, most improvement comes as bug fixing and stability improvements. It is true that since the company continue to give importance to the web client, but his great efforts have turned on the native desktop clients. Do you heard about it before? I think it is time that you try it!