An android game as addictive as any other

If you’re looking for a fairly simple, entertaining and fun game, definitely this title we will talk about is the right one for you. If you happen to have little times around the day and you want to clear your head for a moment, then download a game for Android.

Ok then, but before that, let us tell you a little more about it.

It is important to mention, that the game graphics are considerably simpler than usual games, we could say that the game itself is too much simpler, even at first glance it may seem ugly, we do not deny it either, but what has is that the graphics are completely secondary. The important thing in this game is its gameplay and nothing more than that.

In short, you’ll start as a small point, plain and simple. The idea to achieve eat the other points that will be other players just like you, so the game is simple. It does not have other objective than eat other players, and survive as long as possible. gameplay 1

But if we see the game in that way, it seems too simple and boring. But one thing is to say that and other is to go to practice. a game for Android entertains and a lot, you just need to give it a chance. You will meet millions of payers trying to catch you and eat your dot, you just need to be faster and smarter than them to get a big score and a hugh dot. Besides that you can customize with various skins.

This game for Android as simple and casual as it is, you can play it in those times when you’re waiting in the doctor or Why not? When we are in the bathroom. Simply eating points or dodging, and trying to survive in a world too simple but challenging.

How to download a game for Android

You can download this game for Android completely free. The success I had is really impressive with over 100 million downloads, a grade shop 4.1 out of 5 stars. The best of all is that it weighs only 23 MB and only having Android 4.0.3 or higher, you can download this game.